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No Joke Of The Week

This actually took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars; then insured them against, among other things, fire. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars, the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance company. In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost ‘in a series of small fires.’ The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason, that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion.

THE LAWYER SUED AND WON! (stay with me.)

Delivering the ruling, the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous. The judge stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company, in which it had warranted that
the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be unacceptable ‘fire’ and was obligated to pay the claim. Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the cigars that perished in the ‘fires’.


After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON!!!

With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being used against him, the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail
and a $24,000 fine.

This true story won First Place in last year’s Criminal Lawyers Awards contest.


The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show Event In Austin Has A New 2018 Location

After 4 years at Fair Market, the show will now take place at 305 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 (Austin American Statesman building) from April 19-22. According to organizers, this not only means a better view of downtown Austin from a riverside venue, it means more bikes, shorter lines, better bars, more parking, and easier access to the show for attendees.

Last year the event brought an estimated 42,000 motorcycle enthusiasts and onlookers that circled among some 110 custom handbuilt motorcycles. This year those numbers will greatly increase with the change of venue. The Wall of Death will once again return. Revival Cycles is the inventor and curator of the event. Included in the ticket purchase is a pre-party Thursday night, April 19th at the South Congress Hotel as well as a closing party April 22nd at Revival Cycles’ workshop located at 5305 Bolm Rd Austin, TX 78721.

Bandit9’s Latest L-Concept Bike

I repeat, it’s a concept bike, this one inspired by sci-fi film and comics of the past, One that will probably end being bought by un collector, a fashion house or a museum somewhere around the world.
Bandit’9’s l-Concept is all-chrome minimalist designed bodywork powered by a 125cc motor housed in a turbine-like enclosure made. A shape to mimic one of the greatest spaceships of all time, Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. Nine L-Concept were fabricated. At this time, 3 are still available. $10,959. Bandit9

Indian Motorcycle Names Ola Stenegard Director of Product Design

Indian Motorcycle Company today announced the hiring of motorcycle industry design veteran Ola Stenegard as its Director of Product Design. Stenegard brings Indian nearly two decades of product-design experience, a life-long passion for American V-twins and a proven record of success in designing motorcycles that resonate with a global audience.

“Ola has been incredibly successful in helping brands expand into new product categories and appeal to a wider variety of riders, which is exactly what Indian will be focused on in the coming years,” said Steve Menneto, President, Indian Motorcycle Company. “It’s rare to find a designer with Ola’s unique experience, and we are thrilled to have him on board at such an exciting and important time for our business.”

Stenegard previously led product design for BMW Motorrad. There he played a critical role in designing motorcycles, including most recently the BMW R-nineT. While his professional focus has largely resided in European motorcycles, Stenegard’s life-long personal passion has been the design and customization of American V-twins.“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Indian Motorcycle at a time when the brand has successfully returned itself to prominence and is powered by an increasing level of momentum,” said Stenegard. “There is no brand any more historic to American motorcycling than Indian, and I’m thrilled to build on the brand’s momentum going forward.  I couldn’t ask for a better situation.”

Aside from his professional efforts, Stenegard still immerses himself in the garage, working on choppers and other custom builds. Over the years, his custom builds have been featured in hundreds of magazines across the world and have earned numerous awards at some of the world’s most renowned motorcycle shows, including the AMD European Championship of Bike Building and Mooneyes, Yokohama. He also is distinguished as the youngest inductee in the Swedish Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Stenegard and his wife Terese reside on a horse farm on the island of Gotland, with their three children, sons Isaac (18) and Grim (11), and daughter Saga (14).

Postcards From Warsaw, Poland Motorcycle Show

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

You Can Now Drive a Polaris Slingshot Without A Motorcycle License In Mississippi. More and more states are adjusting their regulations towards three-wheelers that aren’t quite cars and aren’t quite motorcycles like the Polaris Slingshot. The newest state to do so is Mississippi which has become the 43rd state in the U.S. where all you need to drive a Slingshot is a regular driver’s license with no motorcycle endorsement necessary. This was achieved by reclassifying the Slingshot’s driving requirements as an “autocycle.” That means you don’t need a motorcycle endorsement, but you do need to follow the state’s motorcycle helmet laws if you want to drive a Slingshot.

Samson Exhaust Making A Come Back. During a long time owner Kenny Orice tried to sell his company Samson exhaust. Now under new management the business relocated in Indiana offering the same products, especially the Longtails for Chollo like motorcycles. Same website at

Paul Jr. Designs Building A custom Ethanol-Powered Motorcycle. The Renewable Fuels Association has joined forces with Paul Jr. Designs to conceive and fabricate a signature motorcycle that thrusts American-made fuel ethanol into the spotlight. The one-of-a-kind masterpiece will be featured in the new series of “American Choppers”

Motor Trike Acquired Hoppe Industries. Hoppe Industries was founded by John Hoppe and specialized in fairings and windshield often equipped of audio accessories, All production is being relocated in Texas and business will continue to do business as Hoppe. Hoppe products may be ordered through the Hoppe website, through both Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited, and is being sold by authorized Motor Trike dealers.

Valerie Thompson Walked Away From Her LSR Accident With Only Minor Bumps And Bruises. She broke her own personal best record of 304.263 mph with a run of 328.467 mph piloting the Team “7” Streamliner a few days earlier, making her officially the fastest woman on a motorcycle ever. Thompson is the only female driver in a two-wheeled vehicle over 300 mph. Thompson holds eight land speed records on a variety of bikes ranging from Harley-Davidsons to BMWs and is a member of seven-land speed racing 200 mph Clubs and one 300 mph club.

Motorcycle Parts Website

Belt Drive Caps For Popular 2″ Ultima Belt Drives

River City Cycle Parts is producing Open Belt Drive caps for the popular 2″ Ultima Belt Drives. Because of their obvious bowtie like features, they have been named the “Tuxedo” line of belt drives & caps. The motor caps & pressure plates are offered in polished finish or black contrast cut.
These are only available through River City Parts will work on the following belt drives and will work only on Ultima Dyna 2” belt drives 1991 – 2005 models and Ultima Softail 2” belt drives 1990 – 2006 models. Black Tuxedo Pressure Plate/Motor Pulley Cap: MSRP $189.89. Polished Tuxedo Pressure Plate/Motor Pulley Cap: MSRP $179.89. River City Parts or call Brian on my behalf. 314-769-9661

Seen In Daytona. The Gibzilla.

“I like to build things that have never been seen before because I’m not a follower. I like to build things with my own mind and it’s always a challenge to come up with something different for each bike (some extreme, some mild). I like challenges. I do all my own machining, welding, and metal fab so whatever I can think of, I can make. I like all of my bikes and putting a twist on each one.

I just visualized a motorcycle with a massive engine that had cool swooping fenders. I wanted to put the gas tanks in the fender so it wouldn’t cover up the engine. I wanted the look of muscle with elegance combined.

I like the song “Godzilla” from Blue Oyster Cult so I named it after me and Godzilla = Gilbzilla.”

Name: Gilbzilla
Owner: Gilby (Todd Gilbertson0, owner of Gilby’s Street Dept.
Location: \River Falls WI
Gilby’s Street Dept.
Motor: Year:2005 Twin Cam Harley Davidson, 103″
Building time: 1 year
October 2017
Model: 1998 Softail Frame highly modified by Gilby
Value: $150,000
Carburateur: Dual Weber
Air cleaner:Weber
Ignition: Thundermax/
Exhaust: Escapes by Gilly
Two M45 Roots Blowers 90º gear box 1:1 ratio
Jackshaft turn 90º gear box design: Gilby
Transmission: 5-speed
Softail 5-speed
Primary Drive: 3″ open belt.
3” open belt
38º neck frame rake
12″ stretch front end
Shocks: Harley modified Gilby
Fork: Wide Glide Pro One
Stoßdämpfer/Shock absorbers/Amortisseurs/schokdempers/ammortizzatori/Amortecedor:
Harley Davidson modified by Gilby
Fork Wide Glide Pro One
Tubes are -2” under
Front wheel 21“
Rear wheel 160 x 16
Rear rim RC, Rear brake rotor RC
Paint: Airbrush House of Kolor Organic Green
Gilby’s Street Dept
River Falls WI 54022

Grand National 2-2 System For HD Twin Cam® Dyna® Models

Inspired by their domination in the Flat Track space, S&S Cycle has taken exhaust for the venerable Dyna to the ultimate next level.

Leveraging a two into two format with a hidden crossover, the new Grand National system is designed for pure, relentless performance.

Clean bends, stainless header tubing and full shielding create an exhaust that makes real power without the punishment of melted boots and uneven torque delivery of most other short tract systems.
Look for systems to be available in the next few weeks. More at S&S Cycle

Features & Benefits
• 2:2 Free-flow design equals solid Hp gains
• Hidden crossover provides performance benefits of 2:1
• Full heat shields on both front and rear headers
• Stainless steel header construction
• Race inspired Grand National end cap
• High Temp Ceramic Black Finish
• Oxygen sensor ports allow use of wide band or stock O2 sensors.
• Removable dB reducers included
• J2825 Sound Compliant”

Old School Easy-To-Install Trike Kits

Say Old School Practical with the TRUCK BED kit or Sporty Low Down with the HOT ROD kit. Either one will give your ride a very unique personality. Matched up with other Paughco trike accessories like the fenders shown and you’ve got a unique and crowd stopping combination.  Truck Bed style kits are heavy gauge formed sheet steel and the Hot Rod bodies are .100” rolled and formed aluminum. Kits are designed to bolt directly to the stock rear frame horns.
Both models are offered to fit a wide variety of chassis applications from 58-84 FL 4-speeds to 93 through 2004 Sportsters, 96 and later Dynas and 86-2011 Softails. All kits come with mounting hardware and supports. The HOT ROD bed DOES NOT come with taillights or license frame shown in the photo. TRUCK BED kits retail for $1249.95 and the HOT ROD goes for $699.95. Pick up one of each and simply by changing the brackets and lighting, easily change the bike’s image. For complete details including part number for your model call 775-246-5738 or online at Paughco

Pink Diamond . A Honda 750 Digger.

If you were young in the 70’s, you probably think that everything was better when you were young. Especially Choppers. A guy named Joost asked custom shop Royal Custom Works in the Netherlands to build him a motorcycle out of all the parts he had collected in the last couple of years. Little gems like an Arlen Ness frame and Diamond gas tank, a Girder front end, two wheels. There was no other way, this custom could be only a cool Digger, Arlen style, paying tribute to the King Of Custom… Owner of the shop Jacco Reniers, better known as Royal Jack under which name he works as a a custom bike builder gifted painter and pinstripes, proudly tells the story of Pink Diamond right after this Honda Digger won its first major Best of Show.

“The build was completely done in-house. But as a very talented painter Jack is often at work at big shows and events all over Europe. Consequently the project took him 4 years although there were no major problems the build. But many parts were found to be incomplete or not conceived to fit together. So many modifications and one-off parts were needed to get to fit everything together” The Pink Diamond is an ode to the the custom chopper movement, to the way customizing was done by Arlen Ness and a few others. A style giving birth to a new industry. Too many, in the custom motorcycle industry, Arlen is a God. It was him that developed special chopper frames and parts and together with Jim Davis some of the daring/wildest/designs Choppers and Diggers (some with superchargers) ever built.

A new old style Stock Girder front end, a front 5-spoke Invader wheel, a NOS Disc rear wheel and Hurst Airheart brakes (two mini discs and a small caliper) make a perfect match for the Ness frame housing a big Honda 750 four cylinder. “I made the set ‘Spaghetti’ twisted exhausts, but to be honest, we are not completely satisfied with this set-up yet,” says Royal Jack, “I would like to make something different, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time to do that.” Perfectly period correct are the 60’s Dual Posa carburetors nicknamed ‘Lake Injector’ made to perform in aircraft. Not to be confused with a real ‘injection system’ A set like these is very hard to find, let alone complete with manifolds!

The Honda 750 engine was one of the first real fast and reliable engines, looking good, narrow, and for these 3 reasons used (like the Sportster Ironhead) in countless Choppers. Of course, before to be cradled in Pink Diamond the 1978 CB was completely overhauled and checked by Fourdeel, a company that specialise in Japanese bikes, based in Purmerend, The Netherlands.

Royal Jack fabricated the foot pegs, right hand side Hurst shifter, oil tank , the rear fender to match the gas tank diamond lines. Up front an old car headlamp is used. In the back an old NOS 69 Mastercraft lens one a one-off housing. Very detailed with pinstripes the paint job is quite mind blowing. Marcel Miller of Miller’s Uphostery did the two-tone “horny” seat in a typical retro chopper style. “Building the bike was something we did together. I was the builder but I could have never built this bike without all my client’s ideas. If I had built the Diamond myself, it would never had been the motorcycle it is now.” And he adds “What started as a business relationship between a builder and customer grew up into a real friendship!” Royal Custom Works (with the collaboration and photos of Onno “Berserk” Wieringa)


Name of the bike: Pink Diamond.
Owner:Joost Mom
Builder: Royal Jack (Royal Kustom Works)
Make: Honda
Model: CB 750
Time: 4 years

Year: 1978
Builder: Honda
Displacement/ cc’s: 750
Type: CB
Cases: OEM
Cylinderheads: OEM
Carbs: Dual Posa carbs
Ignition: Elektronic module
Exhaust: Custom made
Transmission: OEM

Frame: Arlen Ness
Front end: NOS Girder
Front wheel: 5 spoke Invader
Rear wheel: NOS Disc Wheel
Brakes: Hurst Airheart NOS
Rear fender: custom made
Gas tank: Diamond Arlen Ness tank
Dashboard: Electronic
Oil tank: Diamond shape
Handlebars: custom made
Grips: old style
Brake / clutch lever custom made to mimic Hurst clutch lever.
Head light: NOS car headlight
Tail light: custom made housing with NOS Mastercraft 69 lens
Seat: custom made plate with Miller custom upholstery (velvet and pluche)
Foot pegs: custom made supports with old style pegs
Brake and shifter pedal: custom made, hand shifter with Hurst knob

Homemade / Special Parts and/or details:
Wheel hubs, peg supports, rear fender, bearing cups, handlebars, brake parts, motor mounts, side mount, tail light housing, clutch lever, all the brackets, jiffy stand, head light support, hand shifter, exhaust system, wiring, ….too much to mention everything.

Color: Metallic Silver basecoat. Pink, Purple, Blue Candies.
Make and type paint: Metallic with Candy on top of Custom Creative.
Painter: Royal Jack (Royal Kustom Works)
Special Paint / logo’s: Lace effect, endless lines and pinstriping.
Idea: Royal Jack/Joost Mom
Design: Royal Jack/Joost Mom

Special thanks to:
Leo Klootwijk for his help. BNM Motoren for putting the tires on the rims. Tolenaar Elektrometaal bv Rotterdam for chroming. Miller Custom Upholstery for the horny velvet seat upholstery. Fourdeel for overhauling the CB engine.

Stage 1 Straight Slip-On Exhaust Kit For Indian Scout

These slip-ons for Indian Scout replace the stock mufflers and produce a rumbling, throaty, more impressive exhaust note.

Being less restrictive than stock they will let your engine breathe deeper, providing a quicker/crisper throttle response.

They also add some style to your bike with a premium finish to your exhaust tips.

MSRP $799.99. More info at Indian Motorcycle or at your local dealer.

Valerie Thompson Survives A 343 MPH Crash In Australia. The Video.

Thought Of The Day






You can’t expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don’t exceed the employees’ expectations of management. That’s the contract.”

Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks

The Goose Motorcycle By Deus Ex Machina

At Deus Ex Machina all brand stock platforms are good at cooking up very nice customs. In this case, “The Goose” is based on a 2018 Kawasaki Z900rs with a full fairing sourced at Airtec, adapted to the bike and organically leading to the final design.

As a matter of fact the fairing is modeled after Goose’s bike in the first Mad Max film. The headlight is incorporated and hidden behind the perforated screen. The skirt of the fairing is also modified to fit all around the in-line 4 Kawasaki engine.

Stock exhaust was de-tabbed, shortened and black ceramic coated by Hi-Octane Racing. Stock seat was re-upholstered with brown leather. Custom Paint work was sprayed by Deus House Painter with a midnight metallic green. The slight flake makes it slightly pop in the sun. Deus Ex Machina

Hellrazor Speed King Handlebars for Harley Road King

These Hellrazor Speed King Handlebars for Harley Road King are 1 1/2″ diameter. They offer a design providing a more aggressive style and improved rider comfort and feel.

Note: Riser Size fitments: Standard Road Kings have 1″ risers. Some CVO Road King models have 1 1/4 risers. Please verify your riser size if you are purchasing bars for a CVO model. Stock length cables work with the 9″ Speed King bars. All others will require our custom length cables. At Hawg Halters Inc (HHI)

2 Button Switch Housing For 1 Inch Bars. Polish Or Black.

One of he best ways to clean your bars.

Machined by Kustom Tech from billet aluminum, these switch housings fits1″ handlebars.

They are designed to match perfectly their Evolution line of master cylinders and clutch lever assemblies, Wiring included. Available in polish or black. At Custom Tech.

Davida & Brough Superior. Matching Of Two Legendary British Brands.

Brough Superior has joined the long list of exclusive companies to choose Davida UK as their manufacturing partner to produce a range of special motorcycle helmets. Truth is that since just very, very, very few own an original or the new manufactured Brough and that you will not ride another brand of motorcycle with a Brough helmet, those who will buy it will display it on a shelf…
Rejecting mass production, a Davida helmet is of uncompromising quality in craftsmanship, design and materials with an avid attention to details. Every single Davida helmet is hand crafted in their own factory in Birkenhead, UK. Wirral. Gloss Black with Gold Brough Superior logo, available either with a gold or silver pinstripe and with or without visor studs. Davida Helmets.

Indian Head Fender Lights

Die-cast aluminum with a chrome or classic red and gold powder coat finish. Come with 12 Volt bulb or bright shining LED. Chrome bulb type with ivory lens. Chrome blue LED with clear lens. Red and gold powder coated bulb type with ivory lens. Red and gold powder coated blue LED type with clear lens. Zodiac NL.

Motorcycle LSR Holder Valerie Thompson Surrvived 343 mph Crash

Valerie Thompson was at Australia’Lake Gaitdner with the Bub 7 Streamliner Motorcycle checks attempting the overall two-wheel record of 376 mph during the World Speed Trials. During a run last Monday she survived an horirific crash at 353 mph her Streamliner bike fell onto its side, digging a deep trench into the salt flats and spreading wreckage over a mile.

A first report from the Fédération Internationale of Motocyclisme, the sanctioning body for the event, said that the rear of Thompson’s “Bub 7” motorcycle came off the ground before its parachutes brought it to a stop.

Valerie Thomson is on her way back to Scottsdale, Arizona where she lives. And intends to go over the computer data and in-bike video to try to determine what happened.

Joke Of The Week

cyril-huze-joke44 - CopyPeople often complain about the police, but you rarely hear about the positive things they do, such as this incident involving a biker and a frozen carburetor.

Last January on a bitterly cold winter’s day, a North Dakota State Trooper on patrol came upon a motorcyclist who was stalled by the roadside. The biker was swathed in heavy protective clothing and wearing a full-face helmet to protect the face from the cold weather.

“What’s the matter? asked the Trooper. “Carburetor’s frozen,” was the terse reply. “Pee on it. That’ll thaw it out.” “I can’t,” said the biker. “OK, watch me closely and I’ll show you.” The Trooper unzipped and promptly warmed the carburetor as promised.Moments later the bike started and the rider drove off, waving.

A few days later, the local State Troopers’ office received a note of thanks from the father of the motorcyclist. It began by: “On behalf of my daughter Jill….

Martin Szlagowski Joins S&S Cycle 

S&S Cycle of Viola, Wisconsin welcomes Martin Szlagowski to its sales team as Manager, EMEA. Martin brings nearly three decades of performance motorcycle expertise and will be point man for S&S Cycle’s EMEA expansion efforts in this key region.

Most recently Szlagowski managed the UK/European sales offices of MAG Europe and before that a prominent Harley dealer in London. Operating in the heart of the London custom scene has given Martin a unique perspective deep relationships in that space.

“I’ve known and worked with Martin for years, I value his experience and I am excited to have him on the S&S crew. His industry experience and connections in the dealer network make him a valuable addition to our expanding team.” States S&S Vice President Paul Devine. Martin is based near London and is already working and traveling on behalf of S&S Cycle in the region.

Martin kicked off his V-Twin career by attending school at MMI in Phoenix, AZ and then through the H-D Service School and then H-D Business Classes at Juneau Ave, Milwaukee, WI.

In his youth he was an avid Motorcycle Road Racer but found his abilities were better suited to the performance side of the motorcycle.  This in turn lead to working with Professional racers in the Motorsports arena. A highlight was working on the Buell Factory Team with former MotoGP star Jeremy McWilliams. They formed a close relationship and carried on working together for many teams and manufactures in paddocks around the world.

“ I couldn’t be more excited about joining S&S Cycle, an iconic brand with a rich history in Proven Performance and innovation. The leadership team there have a vision for the future and I am glad to be on that journey with them & especially when they are celebrating their 60th year in the Performance Business.”

Outside of work Martin still attends motorcycle racing events from Flat Track to MotoGP, catching up with friends from the paddock and to watch truly talented racers battle it out on track. What could be more fun !

Moto Floorboards For Harley Tourers

They are precision machined from aircraft grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum and a direct replacement for stock floorboards

Of Course inspired by Moto Cross and deliveing the grip to prove it.

Tapered perimeter edge to optimize lean angle.

• Available in Natural Brushed Finish, Black anodized or Gold anodized

• MSRP $419.95 / set. Sold with adjustable mounting hardware.

Coordinates with Mini Moto Boards (passenger) & up-coming Moto Brake Pedal. Fitment: FLH  82-’18, FLT, 82-’18, FLST ’86-18, FLD ’12-’16. Brass Balls Cycles.

Italy BikerFest. May 10-13, 2018

A reminder for all our friends in Italy.

For the 32nd edition of Italy BikerFest from May 10 to 13 in Lignano  Sabbadioro. Free entry to visitors.

Vendors may get a display at

Visitors can reserve a camping place at

2018 Daytona Bike Week Postcards (Part 3)

((photos @ Hörst Roesler, Manfred Graf, Michel Graf, Regina Springer)

5-3/4 Inch Defiance Headlamp Trim Ring

Surrounds the leading edge of the lamp for a solid custom billet look. Ringed with deep radial grooves in a black Anodized Machine Cut finish.

The Defiance Collection Trim is for 5.75 inch headlight. Sold with mounting hardware.

Select your Harley year and model to see all the parts that fit your bike. At Harley-Davidson Online Store.

Cyril Huze