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Wanted. EMD Is Looking For A USA Sales Representative

EMD is a French manufacturer of motorcycle accessories with a vintage flair. Under Ben Lamboeuf’s stewardship, the company has successfully developed a dealer network and has achieved impressive sales over the last two years in the U.S. EMD is now looking for a correspondent to handle its American representation. Duties include: customer relations and follow […]

Twisted Contoured One-Piece Motor Plate For 4-speed Style Transmissions

To use with Tech Cycle primary narrow 2” or 3” belt drive, and inspired by Indian Larry Signature electric start kit, the “Twister” contoured one-piece motor plate for 4-speed style transmissions provides the strength of a one-piece plate with the contoured design of their two-piece. In complement of their 4-speed start kits, Tech Cycle offers […]

Barnett Scorpion Clear Derby Cover Series For 1998-2016 Harley Big Twins

The Barnett Scorpion Series of Clear Derby Covers is designed to fit OEM primary covers on 1998 & up Harley Davidson Big Twins and feature a quarter inch thick, clear polycarbonate window to your clutch! The scratch and discoloration resistant window is firmly secured and sealed with an O-ring gasket. The outer cover area is […]

The Jaydee Primary Cover For Harley Twin Cam Tourers Looks Like An Open Belt System

This primary cover looks like an open belt system but is not! It just bolt-on on all ’07-Up Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam touring models. And I must admit, it radically changes the left side of a bagger. Safety of an enclosed primary system included. Dimensions and tolerances are identical to the OEM parts. Manufactured in die cast […]

2″ Open Belt Drive System For Harley Twin Cam Softail And Baggers

BDL’s new TC2PB-2 and TC2PS -2 Open Belt drive systems feature a 2-piece motor plate design with 2” belt and were developed specifically for use on both Softail and Bagger models from 2007 and up. TC2PB-2 is for the Baggers and the TC2PS-2 is for the Softail models 2007-up. Kits fit 52-69 pulley combinations for […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Harley-Davidson President And CEO Matt Levatich About Indian Motorcycle. During the 4th quarter earnings call on January 28, Matt Levatich, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, made the following statement in an interview with financial magazine The Street: “We respect Indian, they have sold motorcycles in the U.S. that didn’t exist a few years ago. Our […]

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Belt Drives Ltd’s Competitor Clutch For Sportsters 1991-Up

You can take your Sportster’s clutch to a new level with the installation of Belt Drives Ltd’s new CC-140-BB Competitor Clutch conversion. The 140 series was developed exclusively for stock 1991 and later Sportster clutch baskets. BDL’s patented Ball Bearing Lockup Clutch will significantly lighten pull at the lever while providing smooth, slip free lock […]

The New Harley-Davidson Rail Collection. Edgier Attitude For Your Sportster.

Offering a more aggressive attitude with an edge, the new Rail Collection of engine covers for late-model Harley-Davidson® Sportster® motorcycles gives the powertrain a broad-shouldered look that mixes well with café-style or urban-assault custom projects. Offered by Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories, each component is factory-engineered to assure perfect fit and function. A durable […]

New Zipper’s Cushion-Drive Chain Conversion Kit for 2009-Up Touring Models

Interested in a different final drive ratio or added driveline strength for your high output engine touring bike? Zipper’s Performance makes your life easier, removing the hassle of converting your late model 2009-up belt driven Harley-Davidson® to chain drive. This new Cushion-Drive Conversion Kit is for 2009-up Harley Touring models, features a modular design for […]

EMD Motorcycle Design Versus Custom Parts Distributor Zodiac. If It’s Not Plagiarism, What Is It?

During the last 12 months I had the opportunity to feature the custom parts designed and cast by EMD (Esteves Motorycle Design). Rocker, primary and cam covers all conceived with a vintage vibe for XL, Evo, Twin Cam Harley-Davidson modern bikes. Original parts sold both in the US and Europe and now extremely popular on […]

Wheel Size And Drivetrain Changes. How To Correct Harley-Davidson Speedometer Reading.

The downside to making changes in gearing or wheel sizes is that it throws off the speedometer reading. If you’ve got a pre–’96 Harley, or custom bike using a mechanical speedometer, you have to change either transmission speedometer drive gear, or front speedometer drive unit, or sometimes even have to change out the speedometer to […]

Narrow Open Belt Drive Kit For 1991-2003 Harley Sportsters

Sportsters don’t need belt drive kits wider than 1.5”. Outside, thanks to its design and clear hard anodization, this one will look extremely good on all types of themed Sportsters, high tech or vintage. Inside, the best driveline components with a Barnett Performance best a Barnett Scorpion Billet Clutch kit offering twice as much friction […]

Custom 4 And 5-6 Speed Clutch Cover Housings

Harley 4-speed Transmission Kickstart Hydraulic Clutch Cover Housing For the classic Harley 4 speed transmission with a kickstarter for years 1936 to 1984 and also several aftermarket 4-speed transmissions. The Harley 4-speed transmission has been around a very long time, and it continues to be a reliable unit when you can get them to stop […]

Primary Cover For Recent Triumph Models

EMD now offers the Cooler King, a cast aluminum finned primary cover for the 2001-Up Triumph Bonneville (T100), Thruxton, Scrambler, America and Speedmaster models. Developed as a collaborative effort with The Speed Merchant, the Cooler King was designed to match the style of Speed Merchant’s existing Stator Covers and Sprocket Covers for Triumph. The Cooler […]

S&S Variable Pressure Clutch To Upgrade Your Harley Stock Clutch Without Any Modifications

S&S has a long history of making a lot of power, and a lot of stock clutches have been sacrificed to the “Gods Of Speed”. S&S has come up with a couple of economical ways to beef up your stock clutch so it can handle the power an S&S engine can throw at it. This […]

BDL Chain Drive Primary Kit For Softail Models Now Includes Competitor Clutch Mechanism

The popular CDC-1-90 chain drive primary kit for 1990-2006 Softail models by Belt Drives Ltd. is now sold with BDL’s Competitor Clutch. Developed for street and high performance applications the Competitor provides instantaneous and absolute transfer of power to the rear wheel with a smooth, comfortable lever. A patented 7-plate Kevlar clutch provides at least […]

Slim Your Harley-Davidson Touring Model With This New Narrow Outer Primary Cover

Shaped to slim the profile of the left side of the motorcycle, this Narrow Profile Outer Primary Cover from Harley-Davidson (P/N 25700385 Chrome, $349.95; P/N 25700438 Gloss Black, $269.95) provides shorter-stature riders a straight leg reach to the ground and simplifies walking the bike into and out of parking spots. Four different derby covers (sold […]

Electric Start Drive Kit For 1970-1978 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

The Harley Shovelhead remain a mainstay for custom builders. Belt Drives LTD offers a belt drive conversion providing extended life, strength, smooth operation and reliability to these classic drivelines. It’s a complete “Shovel Shorty” Electric Start drive kit for 1970-1978 machines with ratchet top transmissions only. The conversion requires the use of a 1989-2006 style […]

Compensating Sprocket Failure? BAKER Drivetrain Reliable Solution.

Just released, Baker Drivetrain now offers a Compensator Kit for 2007-Later Big Twins for carefree riding. Their kit includes • a 34-Tooth Compensating Sprocket • a Motor Extension Shaft • a Cam Slider • a Spring Cup • a Retention Bolt. Now accepting pre-orders. Shipping soon. Made in the USA. Retail Price: $399.00. BAKER Drivetrain. 517-339-3835.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Clutch Improved By AIM

AIM (Advanced Innovational Machinery Corporation) is continuously developing new performance products and just released the VP Clutch for 2008-up Harley V-Rod models. Ideal for Big power Turbocharged V-Rods, this clutch can handle up to 115ft. lbs torque with 30% more pressure @ 6700rpm. You can adjust initial spring pressure by shimming the spring with their […]

Narrow 2” Open Belt Drive For Harley Baggers

Open belt drives are great looking. Even on baggers. And a narrow one will even look better. Among other offerings, these smooth 2” open drive belt systems from Belt Drive Limited. One is specifically designed for 1990-2006 baggers and the other for 2007 and later models. Each kit incorporates a unique top belt guard that […]

BDL Falcon “Sport Plus Carbon” Drive Belt By Goodyear

An exclusive from Belt Drives Limited, the “FALCON SPC” (Sport Plus Carbon) drive belt, designed and manufactured by GoodYear, provides up to 33% more tensile strength than conventional aramid reinforced belts. Additionally the high temperature rubber compound provides excellent flex and service life while a patented fabric-reinforced tooth surface can improve horsepower at the rear […]

AIM Variable Pressure Clutches

You all know that more clutch pressure means a stronger clutch, but clutch pull also becomes much heavier. Since a long time AIM Corp. (Advanced Innovational Machinery Corporation) offers Variable Clutch Performance Kits to upgrade Harley-Davidson the stock clutch and eliminate unnecessary heavy pull. They are cost effective ways to upgrade a stock clutch without […]

Harley-Davidson Three-Dimensional Machete Wheel And Sprocket.

Slice through air and light with the new Machete Custom Wheels ($799.95 each) from Harley-Davidson®. Finished in either brilliant mirror-chrome or sinister black ice, this wheel features seven three-dimensional cutting-edge spokes that catch the light and are shaped to imply motion, even when the motorcycle is standing still. Available in 21 or 16-inch fronts and a […]

Hydraulic Clutch Upgrade For Late Harley Touring Models

BDL new hydraulic clutch (part # BPP-500HYD) is conceived to improve touring clutch performance. It is specifically designed for late touring.. models with Harley-Davidson hydraulic clutch (non CVO models). The patented Ball Bearing lock up design works with 45 – 5/16″ steel ball bearings. While the BPP-500HYD is designed to work with the stock spring, […]

Spectro Performance Oils Answer Your Questions

Question. What does the API rating mean and how do you tell what is needed for your application, i.e.; Harley motorcycles, Truck etc.? Answer By Spectro Performance Oils. To ensure quality levels and compatibility oils have a “rating” system to help consumers decide what oil is right for their vehicle. There are several organizations that […]

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