Twin Power Introduces New Line of EFI Service Components

Twin Power is introducing a new line of service parts to properly maintain Harley-Davidson® models equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection. The new assortment includes: fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, check valves, EFI fuel lines, fuel pump door seals, map sensors, throttle position sensors, coolant temperature sensors, idle air controls, fuel filter kits and replacement pump to filter fuel hoses.

“These components are O.E.M.-style replacement parts offered at very competitive prices. They offer a high-quality alternative to the factory parts for the enthusiast or aftermarket shops,” says James Simonelli, Twin Power Brand Manager.

The fuel injectors (P/Ns 422627 through 422631) are suitable for stock or racing applications, offering a fast pulse response and optimum fuel atomization. They are small in dimension and lightweight with a stainless steel body, fuel-resistant plastic connector and multi-hole spray shaping. The injectors retail for $89.75.

Twin Power fuel filter kits (P/Ns 484238 through 484241) come with all the necessary parts required for installation on your bike. They meet or exceed O.E.M. specification and ensure top performance when replaced periodically. These filters retail for $11.89 to $30.89.

The fuel pump door seals (P/Ns 046167 through 046176) meet or exceed O.E.M specifications, are sold individually and are available for Big Twin and XL Models. The fuel pump door seals retail for $6.50 to $21.50.

The fuel pressure regulators (P/Ns 422626, 484236 and 484237, retail $27.99 to $36.99), check valves (P/Ns 484230 through 484235, retail $25.09 to $29.59), EFI fuel lines (P/Ns 484226 through 484229, retail $39.09 to $43.69), map sensor (P/N 422622, retail $32.99) , throttle position sensor (P/N 422623, retail $49.99), coolant temperature sensor (P/N 422624, retail $17.99), idle air control (P/N 422625, retail $29.95) and replacement pump to filter fuel hose (P/Ns 484242, retail $6.09) are high-quality O.E.M.-style replacement parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles®.

The new line of service parts is available exclusively from Twin Power and can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice dealer.

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  1. 1 burnout Nov 8th, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Finally! peace

  2. 2 calif Phil Nov 9th, 2017 at 8:48 am

    I have just tried a new twin power fuel pump canopy seal and it fit and worked as well as the OEM part.

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