Welcome To The Slick Rick’s Streamliner Diner

Famed Hot Rod Artist Larry Grossman is at it again with his latest -and maybe greatest! – new print “Kool Kats and Hot Dogs at Slick Rick’s Streamliner Diner”. Hangin’ at this way-cool 1930’s Streamlined Deco Diner is an assortment of Kool Kats, Kittens, and their pooches. In the diner’s window, a sign which reads: “Special today – bring a dog and get a free hot dog”). And note the hot cowgirl babe looking like she’d like to get picked-up by the dude in the beautiful ’29 Ford Pick-up!

There’s also a bitchin’ Ol’ Skool Harley chopper, and cruisin’ into view from the right is a slick chopped and flamed ’49 Merc Kustom Sled. As is customary with Larry’s art, there’s all kinds of surprising details you’ll spend hours checking out. For example, note the Satin’s Slaves biker throttling the cook on the far right, and the 1950’s era F-86 Saber Jet overhead!

This art print is a must-have for any serious gearhead, and amazingly Larry is still selling his vibrant 18×24” high quality prints for only $30 (or $35 hand signed and dated by Larry in gold ink). So check out Larry’s cool Retrovisions website, where you can see and buy all of Larry’s exciting art. He can even create a custom picture with your car and/or you in it, or contact Larry directly at (818) 970-9128 (10 a.m. 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time).

Cyril Huze