New Linea Two-Up Seats For Sportsters 2004-Up

11larosaseatThis 2-up seat has been designed to fit all 2004 and up Sportster models regardless of the tank size, with the exception of the XR 1200’s.

To achieve this broad fitment, Don La Rosa began by designing a seat pan to fit the rubber mounted frame that was introduced in 2004. He then modified it to accommodate the MotorCompany’s relocation of the ECU that was introduced on all Sportsters in 2010.

Finally Don created two different seat profiles; the La Linea which translates to the “The Line” and the La Linea Sottile which translates to the “The Thin Line”.

2larosaseatAll La Linea seats uses a fiberglass seat-base and steel hardware for strength and stability. Comfort comes from using the finest high-density foam. It is covered with quality marine grade vinyl. These seats are available with a Plain Black finish, a Tuck N’ Roll, Diamond Tuk, or Flame pattern sewn into them.

In addition when selecting one of the patterns clients have the option of choosing a thread color. Installation of the La Linea Seats is extremely simple and and requires no modifications. MSRP $299. At La Rosa Design Tel. 510-567-4157

2 Responses to “New Linea Two-Up Seats For Sportsters 2004-Up”

  1. 1 hacksaws garage Nov 21st, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    interesting seems to be a ton of seats out there these days. i am more partial to cobra styled seats.

  2. 2 bigalyts Nov 22nd, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Nice looking and great to see a very nice assortment of Seat Makers getting into the game. I believe Comfort is the name of the game and when you mix looks into the Deal you have the making of a real Winner.. I like the Canvass mix in their Saddle Bags. Their prices seem very fair. They don’t say American Made.

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