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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. Gets Judgment Against Little Sturgis Rally & Races.

Officials with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc. announced today that they have settled the lawsuit with a Kentucky entity formerly billing itself as the “Little Sturgis Rally.”  As a part of the agreement, the Kentucky group has agreed to change both its corporate and trade name, eliminating the word mark Sturgis® when used in connection with […]

New Intake System For Harley Davidson Touring Models with Fly-By-Wire

Barons Custom Accessories introduces their new BAK Intake System for Harley Davidson touring models with Fly-By-Wire. Barons Custom Accessories BAK is flow bench and dyno designed for substantially increased horsepower and torque. The kit features a chromed billet cover in your choice of Enferno, Smooth, Flame, Contract Cut Pinstripe, Pinup Girl (Danni Doll) or Comet […]

For The Price Of A Brand New Sportster. PiCycle Electric Bike.

Zero emission during 20 miles cruising at 30 mph without pedaling…Powered by a 48 volt brushless DC motor, this hybrid electric/muscle got n internal hub transmission with shift-on-the-fly capabilities, as well as a belt drive system, hydraulic brakes, a suspension seat post, a lacquer finish and a cool arched design. Italian racing red or Black […]

Sarah Palin Is A Biker. Not.

Before you are tempted to send me flames, let me mention very clearly that this is not a political post – I don’t write any in my blog – and that my statements would be the same with any politician of either side. During this Memorial Day weekend, the “Rolling Thunder” brings street closures, sound […]

Rufino II Chopper

Jimmy Lee and JC Coen are 2 brothers who,  after customizing bikes for friends and themselves during 18 years, have made the big jump into the world of Pro Custom Building.   And although most would consider that these last years were the less favorable to get started in the industry, their shop Three-Two Choppers in […]

Clear Paint Guard Kit Protects Your Touring Bike Saddlebag Lids

Sorry ladies. You are often responsible for a lot of scuffs and chips on saddlebag painted lid surfaces (I admit, we would not do better if we would ride in the back.) The new Transparent Paint Guard Kit for Saddlebag Lids (P/N 11100028, $79.95) from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories is designed to protect saddlebag lids […]

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Laconia Broken Spoke Entertainment

The Broken Spoke Saloon Laconia party is less than 2 week away, starting on Friday, June 10th. From then through the next nine days, the world’s biggest biker bar will be a prime destination during Laconia Motorcycle Week. The Broken spoke will be celebrating in style as they play host to some of the hottest […]

Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle

Like Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola is identified with the USA. But except if you are an expert in cola matters you don’t know that the original 1886 patented medicine (supposed to cure many diseases, including morphine addiction, dyspepsia, neurasthenia, headache, and impotence) and sold for 5 cents a glass at soda fountains was not bottled until 1894 with […]

New Digital Gear Indicator From Harley-Davidson

This new LED handlebar display (chrome or black $219.95) from Harley-Davidson® eliminates gear-selection guesswork. Conveniently located on the handlebar for line-of-site viewing, the bright LED display is easy-to-read with a quick glance. When the clutch is out, the display indicates the current gear, or a large “N” when the transmission is in the neutral position.

Harley-Davidson Map Application For iPhone Users.

Created by MAD Maps®, this iPhone application ($4.99) is officially Harley-Davidson® licensed and offers riders 975 of the best scenic rides for motorcyclists in the United States. These maps make trips more memorable by taking riders off the interstates and onto two-lane ribbons of pavement. Examples of downloadable ride maps include: Canyon Tour – Winding […]

Pickup Driver Tries To Kill Motorcyclist

A couple of sportbike riders enjoy a Sunday ride in Bracken County, Kentucky. One of them is passing a slow moving red F-150 truck. Yes, to do this he crosses a double yellow line. But the worst part is the truck driver, as retaliation, trying to swerve sharply on his left to run the biker […]

Jack Daniel’s Black Label. 80″ Proof.

A few of you like but the majority of you hate theme bikes. But did you notice that the vast majority of those built abroad have American inspired themes. Although the Tennessee whiskey Jack Daniel’s (the company disavows the classification of Straight Bourbon) has been the inspiration of a multitude of custom bikes in the US, […]

Ed Hardy Motorcycle Fashion Helmets

I guess those who dress in Ed Hardy from socks to caps – if they really ride a motorcycle – will want to complete their gear with these riding fashion helmets. Supposedly they are very hot…It’s the result of the partnership between Christian Audigier (he created the Von Dutch clothing and accessories line, now defunct) and the graphic […]

Harley-Davidson Hits The Road With Willie Nelson’s Tour. To Attract Youth?

When I learned yesterday that Harley-Davidson Motor Company is launching the Summer Willie Nelson’s Country Throwdown with 25 dates across the country to promote its Dark Custom Motorcycles line, I was very surprised. Nothing against Willie Nelson. He is an iconic American country singer-songwriter, author, poet, actor, and activist. But he is 78! In the […]

Headwinds Fork Mounted 2″ Spotlight Kit For Harley Touring Bikes

While riding at night your visual footprint is how much of the road you can see front of you. Of course, longer and wider is this footprint, greater is your chance to see but also to be seen by others. A pair of additional spotlights helping your headlight to do its job is the way to […]

Thundermax Easy Performance Upgrade

No factory bike responds to simple intake and exhaust upgrades like a Harley®! When customizing, improving performance is one of the favorite plays . But many are still scared at the idea of modifying an EFI bike. No worries with the Thundermax Zip Kit,  a package including an AutoTune ECM, a MaxFlow air filter and […]

Did Peter Fonda Threaten President Obama?

While at the Cannes Festival in France to promote a new documentary named “The Big Fix” about the BP Gulf oil spill, Peter Fonda made comments that could be construed as threats against President Obama. And because there is a federal law prohibiting to threaten the President, will he face legal trouble? Peter Fonda “I’m training my […]

The Secret Life Of David Uhl

Riding and customizing are not the only 2 ways to express your love affair with motorcycles. For example, you can express it through illustrations and paintings. And very few in the world do it with such artistic ability and sincerity than David Uhl. If at the age of 3 you stunned your family and friends with […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Roland Sands Design Grand Opening. RSD has moved to a new location in Los Alamitos, California. The 5,900 sq.ft. headquarters is a design and development center, a custom motorcycles shop and for the 1st time a retail store. Roland Sands was founded in 2005 and since then, Roland has built many ground breaking customs and […]

Riding Into History

The Annual Riding Into History is a superb event held in May in St. Augustine, Florida featuring each year about 300 to 400 antique, vintage, race and custom bikes from all over America and Europe. Faithful reader and photographer great John Adams was on location and shot hundreds of pictures. I picked some close-ups showing […]

Gas And Oil Tank Filler Caps. Do It Yourself.

A brand new offering in Lowbrow Customs’ line of DIY fabricator parts are these filler caps and weld-in mild steel bungs.  They are available in both Rippled or Smooth style and feature a gas and oil resistant O-ring and vertical knurling for a non-slip grip.

Funny. President Obama Unstoppable Limo Get Stuck On Small Ramp.

Wherever our President travels, a fleet of armored limos is being shipped for transportation. Yesterday Obama was in Dublin where his limo, a vehicle that can withstand everything except a nuclear bomb attack, breached itself on a tiny ramp. His security staff didn’t know what to do to free the limo…Did you say vulnerable?

Don’t Call Or Text While Driving.

Sometimes only pictures can get our attention. Her last call was from a new cell phone… The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the motorcycle. The riders reaction time was not […]

Lynyrd Skynyrd To Play Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Southern Rock icons Lynyrd Skynyrd will join Alice Cooper, Pop Evil, STYX, Bachman & Turner, Def Leppard, Toby Keith, George Thorogood and Leon Russell to celebrate on stage the Legendary Buffalo Chip’s 30th party on August 10 during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. “Southern rock has always been an important component of what has made the Buffalo […]

Two Bikes From The 2011 Euro Bike Fest

A fast digital trip to Europe where this last weekend custom bikes were competing in the 3rd Euro Bike Fest in Czech Republic, just 45 miles north of Vienna, Austria. Sponsored by CustomChrome Europe, the event is held in parallel to the European “Flat Track Cup” and attracts builders and public from all over eastern […]

Cable kits For Harley Davidson Touring Models With ABS Brakes

Changing your bars for the position and look you like the most will almost always require that you replace them to adjust their respective lengths. You may be refrained to do it because you are worried that your Harley Touring ABS model will make it difficult to find the proper new cables for the job. […]

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