New Ultra-Light Harley-Davidson Helmets.

April is “Check Your Helmet Month”. So Harley-Davidson launched 2 new ultra-light helms for men and women. Both use a composite shell constructed of Aramid-reinforced fiberglass. The new men’s Hybrid Ultra-Light Torque Full Face Helmet is 17% lighter than traditional fiberglass helmets, weighing just 3 lbs. 3 oz. For increased comfort, front and rear vents deliver maximum air flow while the removable, washable Nylex® liner wicks away moisture. It’s designed to fit the Road Tech™ helmet headset with Bluetooth® 2.0 Technology, as well as accessory helmet headset. Meets DOT requirements and comes with a helmet bag. Available in XS – 2XL sizes.

The new women’s Hybrid Ultra-Light Half Helmet is also using using Aramid-reinforced fiberglass construction, is 17% lighter weighing a feathery 1-lb. 6-oz and is more comfortable than traditional fiberglass helmets. A removable neck curtain with ear protection adds comfort and versatility in varying temperatures. It’s matched by a soft inner lining with a removable, washable comfort liner that’s moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. Meets DOT requirements and comes with a removable visor and helmet bag. Available in 2XS – 2XL sizes. See your local Harley dealer or visit Harley-Davidson. To find a dealer near you, call 1.800.LUV.2RIDE in the U.S. or Canada.

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  1. 1 Imaginethat Apr 30th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Kinda odd they would have a press release for this on the last days of the month of April.

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