Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. From $0.00 To $9.99.

Starting a project? Don’t do anything until you check out as many custom part catalogs as you can. Or you may regret later the cool idea/part just tucked in the corner of one of those catalogs. And you should start, but not necessarily finish, by reading the big distributor catalogs.

And when I say big, it’s even huge in the case of the new Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. Ii’s more than 1 month since I got it and I still didn’t finish reading mine… CCI offers 3 versions. The online version that you can browse and download (PDF’s) for free (just go for a beer while all the pictures and data migrate on your computer), the CD version (free of charge) and the Print Version only $9.99 + $6.95 UPS shipping and handling (for US addresses only), $22.70 for Canada, $36.35 for Mexico, $71.65 for the rest of South America. Europeeans go to . Browse, download or order your digital or print catalogs by jumping to. But only after you read all my news.

2 Responses to “Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. From $0.00 To $9.99.”

  1. 1 akamai Apr 26th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Considering postage rates are the same to all 50 states, i’m surprised CCI won’t send a CD to Hawaii, i’ve ordered & received their parts thru my local dealer. We read and speak english here in the islands.

  2. 2 gustian Apr 28th, 2010 at 3:00 am


    something strange about postage indeed.
    Custon Chrome Europe is next door to me (Belgium).
    The catalog is 9.90 euro and they charge 25 euros for postage,
    while Italy -Spain-Sweden -Finland have to pay 21 euros(!?)

    I’ve ordered many (large and heavy) books in the USA (!),
    and the postage was never more than 20 $.

    But never the less, I’ve ordered one !

    Peace Gustian

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