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Daytona Bike Week. Antique Motorcycle Meet.

Since Friday until today, the Sunshine Chapter of the AMCA – Antique Motorcycle Club Of Amerca – is meeting in Eustis (it’s southwest of Daytona). A lot of beautiful restored antique motorcycles born before most of us…If you read this, please rush there to admire part of our motorcycle history preserved by true bikers. Support […]

Arlen Ness New G-3 Custom Wheel

Saw this new cool looking Arlen Ness wheel during the V-Twin Expo. It extends the Arlen Ness “Deep Cut” line of controls and other wheel models. Available in black anodizing or chrome, this wheel is manufactured in the USA and has been tested, like all the line up, to the most stringent standards. For 2010 […]

Daytona Bike Week. Save Fuel. Thundermax AutoTune Installation.

During large biker events, some big names of the industry will do your product installation. Your opportunity to save a lot of money, time and in this case…fuel when riding your way back home. If you go or are already in Daytona for Bike week, and if your bike is a 2001-2010 Harley Big Twin, […]

2010 Daytona Cold Week

For those who succeeded to escape the US northeast heavy snow storm, it’s much better. But temperatures in Daytona are not what they are supposed to be at this time of the year. Hot chocolate, cappuccino and latte are competing with beer… Thought my iPhone was frozen when I read the 37F temperature this morning […]

Sucker Punch Sally’s During Daytona Bike Week

Following your questions to me revolving around “Will they be there in Daytona and where?” I will try to write as much as possible about those, builders and parts vendors who I know made the trip to the 69th edition of Bike week. One of them is Sucker Punch Sally’s already setup at Bruce Rossmeyer’s […]

Daytona Bike Week. Antique, Chopper And Car Shows At The Limpnickie Lot.

During Bike Week, 2 events of interest at the Stone Edge Skate Park located at 1848 South Ridgewood Ave in South Daytona Beach. On Wednesday March 3rd, for the second year, the  AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club Of America) will host an Antique Bike Show.  The show is open to all motorcycles at least 35 years old.  The […]

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Legend Air Suspensions Tells You The Easy Way To Make $100. Several Times.

In honor of their 10-year Anniversary, Legend Air Suspensions is offering $100 to the referring Legend customer and $100 off the purchase of a Legend Air Suspension System for their friend.   Referring customers will be paid for as many friends as they refer within limited time offer. Legend Air Suspension offers suspension systems offering quality […]

Daytona Bike Week. Arlin Fatland. Another Godfather Of Choppers Celebrates 40 Years In The Motorcycle Industry

For this tribute to Arlin Fatland, I lend my keyboard to industry friend and photo journalist Steve Kelly. “Arlin Fatland, has reached a landmark few will ever attain, 40-years in the custom motorcycle industry.  He is both Custom Bike Builder extraordinaire and owner of the infamous 2-Wheelers.  Arlin is also, without a doubt, a razor sharp businessman. […]

Harley-Davidson Launches “Ride Easy Guarantee” Campaign To Sell Its Remaining New 2009 Models

This Harley-Davidson program is called the “Ride Easy Guarantee” and runs until March 31, 2010. The objective is to get rid f all new 2009 models still sitting in dealerships. 3 different stimulus packages are offered. 1-Low monthly payment options are available on all new 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles. 2- All new 2009 Softail® and […]

2 Wheel Ventures Acquires Assets From Ridley Motorcycle Company

In a press release, Jay Ridley (son of Ridley Motorcycle Co. founder Clay Ridley) announced that his company 2 Wheel Ventures has acquired the intellectual property and some remaining tangible assets of the Ridley Motorcycle Company, the brand of fully automatic street/cruiser motorcycles.

2010 Daytona Bike Week. First Impressions.

Difficult to forecast what will be the attendance during the next 10 days. Economy is not the only factor. Weather too. Not only in Daytona, but also up-north where a brutal winter may incite many to flee for some sun and fun. Historically very snowy winters are good for Daytona Bike Week. But in this economy context and […]

Battistinis New Spherical Foot Pegs

Step by step, part after part, hole after hole…Rikki Battistini is covering the full range of products you can bolt on your bike. Keeping the same theme, the beauty of his lineup (pun intended) is that his all his designs are coherent as a whole but that each part mixes very well many other parts […]

Joke Of The Week. It’s Hell Getting Old…

An 85-year-old man was requested by his Doctor for a sperm count as part of his physicalexam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, ‘Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow. The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared  at the doctor’s office and gave him the jar, which was […]

American Suspension Custom Harley-Davidson Bagger Legs

Under the name Nomad, American Suspension offers a choice of 3 leg designs for Harley-Davidson Baggers from year 2000 and up. They feature “hidden” axle (1″, 25 mm or 3/4″) and adjustable height fender brackets. For those opting to use a Fat Boy front fender on their bagger, a popular choice, a kit is available. […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Triumph Motorcycles got the magic touch and attacts more and more buyers. Defying the recession, the company market share continued to increase in the US in 2009 and every year since 2005.  The company celebrates its 100,000th motorcycle since its return to North America in 1995 and just annouced at its Dealer Conference in Orlando that it will expand its […]

Holger Mohr. 2010 V-Twin Expo Industry Leader Of The Year.

As I reported from the V-Twin Expo on February 6th, Holger Mohr, President and CEO of Custom Chrome International was awarded the 2010 Easyriders Industry Leader of the Year Award. The award is given to the company who, in the eyes of Paisano Publications staff, is the industry leader having shown unparalleled vision, strategy and dynamic business […]

Daytona Bike Week 3rd Fusion Party Is March 4th

The Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse Biker Fusion  event is again the place where you will be able to mingle with well known custom builders, see an exhibition of cool custom bikes, and contribute to “Soldier’s Angels”, an organization committed to increasing the morale of deployed troops, assisting in getting soldiers home safe and healthy and […]

New Harley-Davidson Bagger Floorboards. Black & Light.

Mixing black, holes and rubber is the new recipe for floorboard design  Here is a new interpretation for all FL bike owners, and if you go fast enough these floorboards may whistle a song for you. Seriously, they are made out of CNC machined aluminum then black anodized with rubber inserts to soften your ride. […]

Although my Blog is now hosted on a “Cloud Server” (broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity) to adjust to a new whopping 35% traffic increase during the last 30 days, you may experience short and temporary crashes when you log on my Blog. I guess it’s the way my new hosting company is blackmailing […]

David Uhl Pays Homage To Pappy Hoel Founder Of The Sturgis Black Hills Rally

Armed with his brushes and immense talent, artist David Uhl records a new important page of motorcycle history, J.C. Pappy Hoel on his beloved Indian motorcycle front of his Sturgis dealership. And of course it’s no accident that this superb painting is released the year the Black Hills Rally is going to celebrate its 70th […]

S&S Cycle X-Wedge Powered Custom Harley-Davidson FXR

All part manufacturers will tell you that custom bikes sell their parts. And on the show tour, when visiting a booth people will always stop first to check the custom bikes even before looking at the parts. And it’s true even for the most well known after-market manufacturers like engine maker S&S Cycle.

Broken Spoke Saloon Daytona Bike Week Parties

“Chief Entertainment Officer” Jay Allen and his team at the Worlds Biggest Biker Bar, the Broken Spoke Saloon have been feverishly working to get the Daytona location ready for all of the bikers riding into Daytona Bike Week. First, Jay promises new bartenders prettier than ever. Second he has called upon some great acts to […]

Paughco New Solid Brass Harley-Davidson Panhead Engine Covers

You hear it over and over. Black is the new Chrome. And now Brass is the new Black… So Paughco is introducing solid brass Panhead rocker boxes to be an exact bolt-on replacement for the Harley-Davidson originals. They are manufactured from start to finish at  Paughco  facility in Carson City, NV. They use the stock […]

Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight Commercial

Daytona Bike Week. Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Show On Thursday March 4th.

Bikes built with today’s old style, resurrected and antique motorcycles raising hell in Daytona will all make their bi-annual pit stop (Bike Week & Biketoberfest) at the Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Show on Thursday March 4th. The custom culture is always in movement and transition. Come to see how the customization landscape is […]

Corporate Tax Advice For Motorcycle Business Owners

Like me, you must send your 2009 business tax return to the IRS  before March 15. Last weekend, talking to 2 friends of the industry who had a difficult time with their businesss in 2009, I was surprised that they didn’t know that  under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, any business owners who has […]

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