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S&S Cycle Launches The Flathead K Bobb

You know S&S Cycle as a leading manufacturer of performance engines and replacement parts for v-twin motorcycles for over 50 years.. And now, a first: S&S® Cycle Inc. introduces the K Bobb, a complete vintage reproduction motorcycle under the Flathead Power™ brand.  This fully functional display bike is modeled after a customized 1946 FLH bobber.  […]

Plum Krazy 1958 Custom Ariel

Last week, I just had to write that the UK Custom Motorcycle Scene was a little bit dull to receive a flow of bike pictures coming from English Magazine Back Street Heroes. And I liked this one, a 1958 Ariel Red Hunter 350 cc built about two years ago by Rob ‘Billy Whiz’ Willis in his […]

Harbortown Bobber DVD Preview

From directors Zach Coffman and Scott Di Lalia of the motorcycle movies “Choppertown”, “The Sinners” and “Brittown” comes a new motorcycle fabrication documentary called “Harbortown Bobber”. The DVD should be ready by the end of July and you will be able to order it at Choppertown or Harbortown Bobber websites.

Wizards Bike Wash. Girl Not Included.

Although I must have been “briefed” by about 2 dozens of manufacturers wanting me to endorse their products I am not an expert in bike wash and detailing. I just know 1- the meaning of clean when I see it. 2- that you are better off to do it yourself than to give your bike […]

Picture Of The Week. Wrong HOG!

  Thought that a lot of you could make a funny comment. So here’s the deal. Write a comment showing your humor. Make my readers laugh. I will pick the funniest line, contact its author via email and he will receive one of my tees, of course free of charge. Let’s get started…

Laurent Dutruel Show, Street And Race Bike

  To build a custom bike able at the same time to win prestigious bike shows, perform on the street, race…and win a record in Bonneville is an arduous challenge that very few custom builders have given to themselves… As far as I know, Roger Goldammer from Canada and Fred Krugger from Belgium are the only […]

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Broken Spoke Saloon Laconia Extravaganza

The 86th Annual Laconia Motorcycle Week begins June 13th located at 1072 Watson Road (Route 3) in Laconia, has lined up new entertainment. Not only the sexiest barmaids serving long neck bottles but this year a Bike Build-Off between Chica & Paul Cox, free live music every day and night, wild rides on the mechanical […]

Cruising The Streets Like A WWII Gunner

Ural released a new model called the Ural T Sidecar Motorcycle. For $9999 you are certain to make your neighbors worry about your intentions,  and probably will get more looks in the streets than any top of the line custom motorcycle featured in Easyriders. Perfect for summer country rides and I guarantee that your kid […]

Black Mamba Wheels With Knock Offs

Who doesn’t like the look of car knock off wheels? Thanks to a company called Bike Builders Bible, you can now give the 60’s look to your custom motorcycle. The company offers a series of wheels in many styles and sizes for most stock and custom applications, all available with a compatible knock off. If […]

Indian Motorcycle Charlotte Price Reductions

The most recent news I got from Indian Motorcycle is that the objective of 700 bikes for 2009 will be reached (750 are being produced). Today, the flagship Indian Motorcycle Dealership in Charlotte, NC announced a major price reduction on only one model: the Indian Chief Standard Long fender Chief Standard reduced by $2,499. Short […]

Spectro Answers Your Oil Questions

Question 1:  Can I mix viscosity grades? Spectro Answer: Yes, you can and no harm will be done. Topping up with 10w40, if its all you have available, will not injure the 20w50 in your crankcase. It will, however, lower the overall viscosity of your crankcase oil to a certain extent. This will cause no […]

A One-Million Mile Ride On A Harley-Davidson Gets You A Free Brand New One

Former  State Senator Dave Zien of Eau Claire bought new his 91 Harley FXRT and hit the 1 million-mile mark on April 4. As amazing, Dave kept all his gas receipts and repair records to prove every mile of his 18-year ride! The Factory is so proud of him that it was decided to give […]

Krazy Horse Krazy Racer

Don’t know much about this retro looking custom sport bike, but I think it’s worth publishing in my Blog. On this one, bare steel and aluminum is the real deal. It was built by a shop called Krazy Horse Custom Cycles in England, a country whose custom motorcycle scene is a little bit too tame. […]

Custom Motorcycle Builders Talk About The 360 Brake

Laconia Jamboree Bike Show and Swap Meet On June 13th

During your stay in Laconia, don’t miss the 3rd edition on June 13th. It’s for all the do-it-yourself, grass roots motorcycle builders and wave a giant middle finger into the face of the standard Laconia Bike Week scene. As the organizers states it: “We are the loud and obnoxious throwback to days past when owning […]

Mac Motorcycles. The 60’s Revisited With A Buell Engine.

                  Don’t you love when you hear about a new company releasing concept bikes with the objective of becoming the new hit of the motorcycle industry? I do. And this story comes from the UK where very little was happening during these last 15 years when you […]

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