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El Gringo Bars

To all of you Gringos & Gringas, a little bit of history. Folklore says that the name Gringo was generated when the US invaded Mexico wearing green uniforms and people were shouting at them “Green Go Home”. With time it lost all derogatory status and was turned into the most common word to refer to […]

Keeping The Custom Motorcycle Industry Free And Vibrant

You probably already know that the Las Vegas SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is one of the most exciting events for the aftermarket hot Rod and automotive industry. SEMA is an Association offering a ton of services, studies, Government advocacy/legislative Programs too long to list here. During the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, friend and […]

Happy New Year To All Bikers Around The World

Before we jump into a new year, join me to have a thought for all the millions who have been laid-off or who are going through bad times due to the worldwide recession. We know for sure that one day things will get better. Just hang in there. Happy New Year To All Of You […]

Can You See Motorcycle Future?

It’s this time of the year for prediction posts. How the motorcycle industry landscape will look in 2009? Will Harley-Davidson sell more or less bikes? Will Big Dog Motorcycles still be the leader of the mass produced custom motorcycles segment?  What style of bikes custom builders are going to favor? Will some new medias appear, disappear?   Will […]

Smooth Internal Throttle And Internal Clutch Units

MotoXcycle’s internal throttle unit uses a twin roller bearing design and is one of the smoothest and most reliable internal throttles that I have used. It has been on the market for several years and I know for sure that a large number of units have been sold and used by custom builders. The company […]

A 2009 Motorcycle Industry Prediction

By direct emails and also via the comments section of this Blog, many of you ask me my opinion about what’s going to happen in 2009 in the motorcycle industry. I reproduce below a short summary of what I think and already wrote to answer the question of one of these readers. “Regarding the motorcycle industry, […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

One-of-a-kind G2 Motorsports S&S Custom Motorcycle

One year ago, Wyoming Technical Institute (WyoTech) contacted G2 Motorsports (George Smith and George Bryce) with the concept of its students assembling a motorcycle around the 126-cubic inch, 150 horsepower S&S Cycle V-Twin engine that is exclusively distributed by G2.  Smith and Bryce agreed, and Bryce and Derek Churchwell of G2 served as instructors for […]

Grand Opening Of Indian Motorcycle Of Kentucky

Indian has made clear its intention to have 50 dealerships in the US within the next 3 years, a dozen of which have already been announced. The first one to open up since the flagship store in Lowell, North Carolina, was Mike Smith Indian Motorcycle Dealership of Paducah, KY.  “The initial excitement here has been […]

The Rebirth Of Daytona Bike Week Riverfront Park On Beach Street

Ten years ago, in it’s past glory days, the Daytona Beach rallies were prominently centered around Beach Street and its Riverfront Park. I have fond memory (the market was very strong) of all my Bike Week and Biketoberfest events in this location. All main builders (do you remember “Custom Builders Row”) and parts manufacturers were […]

Ace Motorcycle Rare Drawings from 1919 Found in Dumpster!

In 1919, at the end of the World War One, a significant set of motorcycle drawings was created. They would be lost for the next 90 years, until discovered in a trash bin.  They will be sold at the Mid-America Auction, which will be held at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas on January […]

US Biker Trends

Every 5 years the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) tracks biker trends, and this year for the first time did the survey online. Below some numbers to crunch. 1- the primary reason for riding is pleasure, followed by commuting and errands. In 2003, commuting and errand riding was in third place. 2- The average age for […]

The Linelokker. A Parking Brake And More…

I didn’t try this one. So, like me, you have to refer to what Underworld Inc, manufacturer of this Linelokker parking brake is saying. The idea is to be able, at the flip of a lever, to lock your brake in different situations when you need to or should do so. Like when you park, […]

Harley-Davidson Guarantees Trade-In Value For Sportsters

Motorcycle sales are slipping as consumers worldwide pull back on spending. So, to stay in business you have to be creative. Harley-Davidson Inc. says it will guarantee the trade-in value of newer Sportsters for customers considering upgrading their motorcycles. 
Practically, bikers who trade in their 2007 Sportsters between Dec. 26 and March 31 will receive the […]

Hollister Rally Canceled Again

Hollister, “birthplace of the American biker”, doesn’t want to welcome a 2009 rally. For the second time in three years, city council members in November canceled the July Hollister Motorcycle Rally. The city wants expenses for the event to be paid up front. The 2008 rally saw the city invest taxpayer money in rally merchandise, […]

Wishes For All Of You From One Of My Readers

“Timing is Everything. It’s that “Time” of year again. It’s Christmas. Christmas is a “Mile-stones” in life. It’s that one special time in every year that causes us to both reflects on the past and looks ahead to the future. It helps most of us understand the value of life and how we’re managing the time […]

Zippers Performance Torkster Plus 1250 EFI Engine Kit

For all of you obsessed with power and torque gains, the “Torkster Plus 1250 EFI” from Zippers Performance is similar to their original Torkster 883-1200 kit, but with a twist: an additional 50cc with the inclusion of their exclusive 3-9/16” bore cylinders!  These extremely rigid aluminum cylinders are cast around ductile iron liners and fit […]

9th Annual V-Twin Expo

The V-Twin Expo, the largest Dealers only event devoted exclusively to the V-Twin industry, will happen again at the Cincinnati Duke energy Center from February 7th to 9th. Of course I will be there to report the highlights of this event. It is recommended that dealers who intend to visit the show pre-register HERE to avoid […]

American Motorcycle Riders Don’t Rock! Yes, They Do.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” (Friedrich Nietzsche). Bikers roll but they also rock. MIC (motorcycle Industry Council) launched a social networking website (one more…). branded RockMoto connecting young people sharing the same passion for motorcycles and music. Although still in beta test, I loved the site offering cutting-edge internet features to help young […]

2009 Indian Chief Catalog

It’s catalog season. Parts & motorcycle manufacturers rush to print their new 2009 catalog or brochure. But for economic reasons and because of the “will never stop to grow” power of internet, more and more are choosing to publish an e-catalog. And yes, even online, you can turn the pages, zoom-in or zoom-out. The 2009 […]

Harley-Davidson Short Movie Video Runner Up.

The videos produced by women participating to the Harley-Davidson contest “Bikes, Camera, Action” are so good that you must also watch this one called “Here Comes The Bride” (2’05).

Weld-On Key Switch Housing

I used to make mine, welding it in the most \surprising and hidden places, having fun with clients trying to find out how to start their bikes. for the 1st time. Now there is a ready made solution, but of course you still have to weld. This weld-on key switch housing includes the mount, aluminum […]

Wireless License Plate Tracking Is Coming

Watch out. If they do it in Europe, it could be done very soon by your local police authorities wherever you live. I am talking about a new wireless tracking system to issue automated tickets for minor traffic infractions. Several pilot projects are underway in Finland, France and Germany. The system is called Radio Frequency […]

World’s Fastest Woman Aims For 250 mph

Trillium Muir vividly remembers watching the 2005 film “The World’s Fastest Indian” and thinking to herself, as she watched the speed runs of Burt Munro, that she would like one day to try it. Less than a year later, she did. The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is the most famous location for speed runs […]

Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse Finale Raises Money and Toys for Children

The Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse made it’s final stop for 2008 at the Fort Lauderdale Harley-Davidson “Bikers Bash” on Friday, December 12th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  The “Bikers Bash” celebration on Friday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino featured an intimate performance by Big Kenny from Big and […]

Stainless Steel Belt Buckles, Etc.

In a farm North of Boone, North Carolina, Steve Garn a.k.a B.r.e.w. Dude (B.r.e.w. is acronym for Blue Ridge Electric & Welding) is TIG welding frames, custom building bikes (2008 Easyriders Old School Builder Of The Year), is offering powder coating & ceramic coatings for your exhaust, is designing & manufacturing many trick parts and […]

Ultima Black Gem Engine

Just after the frame, the choice of an engine is the most important decision to make when building a bike from the ground up. Power, reliability, warranty…and looks. Regarding this last aspect, most of the engines I use on my customs go through the beauty look process. Polishing, powder coating in part or in full, […]

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