Wiring Harness. Avoid The Madness.

 Each custom builder has his forte and his weaknesses. And me, I have no patience to do electrical work. And I know that many among you, pro or not, feel the same.  Anything that can help save time and mistakes is welcome.  Like this wiring harness conceived to satisfy all your needs even if you wire a bike with all the instrumentation required by your unfriendly US State or country. To avoid madness at electrical time, this wiring harness is not only coded to match an OEM Harley wiring diagram, but also features wires silk screened every 3 inch with each function  clearly indicated. This will take all the guesswork out of wiring your bike, especially if you do internal wiring in frame, handlebars, etc. The kit includes 20 gauge coated wire weather resistant momentary key start switch. 30 Amp main circuit breaker and two 15amp breakers. Bosch starter relay. Wiring system provides headlight cutout while starting. Also provided is heat shrink and all necessary wire connectors. The harness is designed to be mounted on the frame or inside the frame tubing. Wires are made with factory connections whenever possible but the opposite ends are left open to pull through frame and/or cut to length. If you are running outside just cut to length install heat shrink and solder ends. For sale at Scooters Performance.

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  1. 1 ROGUE Feb 16th, 2008 at 10:07 am

    HaHa It is not suprising that you mention wiring is not your favorite thing to do while building a motorcycle.
    I have that found to be true of many builders.
    It is like anything else though you just need time and patience and a little common sence.
    Soldering connections after crimping them is a must in my book, heat shrink is a blessing as well as is a product named Liquid Tape. it is available in Home repair and hardware stores and was originally delevoped to insulate high volt connections that would be subject to moisture or corossion.
    Color coded wires really make things a lot easier but the use of a OHM meter to both ends will verify and remove doubt should you have more than one wire of the same color.
    Look at wiring like you would building or repairing the rest of the motorcycle and you will be fine.

  2. 2 ANT Feb 18th, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Kudos! This has been long overdue for bikes….such markings have been common in the hot rod industry for well over a decade. Which brings us to the state of this industry in comparison to the aftermarket automotive scene….we’re now where they were about 10-20 years ago in terms of sophistication of product, true bolt on, bang for the buck and fulfillment of reasonable expectation of function, and meeting any emissions or noise requirements.

    Not a slam on anyone, just honest observations. Am sure I don’t have to remind any builders of the vast disappoint they’ve experienced when attempting to install a “bolt on” part only to modify it….or when you discover all the supposed performance improvements are lacking. Bottom line is that our industry is finally maturing (on many levels), and for that we should all be thankful.

  3. 3 michael boyd Oct 14th, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    send more info.ill be building a generator pan with turn signals lites speedo tach horn.using speedo/tach gauge combo and tank as seen on last page of cycle source mag issue 5 aug/08.also using accurate engineering 103 inchpan motor,probably elect.ign type distributor.gonna use spyke starter with push button on solenoid to get rid or relay wiring.harness and diagram would be helpful.thanx.

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