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Bikers Handbook By Jay Barbieri

I know pretty well Jay Barbieri who interviewed me many times for his TV show “American Thunder” on Speed Channel. So, when Motorbooks sent me his new book, it was my time to learn what he had to say to me and to you. First, Jay is not only a TV producer traveling from shows […]

Maltese Cross Exhaust Tips

One-off exhaust systems are reserved to the pros and to a few garage builders who know how to weld with precison. Very time consuming ad consequently expensive. For this special touch on your bike, another way to go is to equip your existing exhaust with custom tips. If you are not fed up seeing the maltese cross everywhere […]

Billy Lane Trial. Judge Authorizes Release Of His Medical Files.

Again, don’t ask me and don’t expect that I make personal comments regarding the trial of Billy Lane. I made only one statement at the time of the accident and will not make any until the end of the trial. Many website owners make on purpose (or provoke) inflammatory statements with the only objective to build traffic to […]

The Return Of Indian Motorcycles. Just Another Fashion Statement?

The production of Indian Motorcycles at a manufacturing plant near Charlotte, NC has been postponed to mid-2008. No official explanation provided to me. Can the brand created in 1901 make a comeback? The only thing I know for sure is that the new company (Stellican from London who bought all Indian trademarks) has asked Serge Miska, president […]

Brass Monkey By Central Florida Choppers

A new short chopper by Central Florida Choppers out of Orlando. Larry Penningtom gave me the basic tech sheet. A . Midwest frame (4" out, 2" up, 34-degree rake), a powerplant Ultima bruto 131 cubic inch, a twisted Springer from Jery Springer,  LSD 5-speed transmission from Roadmax, hand controls from GMA, foot controls from Deviant, a […]

Easyriders Magazine Is Changing Its Content

Change of market conditions equals change of content. Easyriders Magazine is steering away from the very high dollars bikes and will now publish more average bikes. You know, the ones that some of you (with or without the help of a couple of friends or the help of your local shop) could build in your […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Custom Builders Race Each Other For The Speed Channel TV Show Pinks

If you don’t belong to the 2 million viewers who watch every week the show Pinks on the Speed Channel, let me first explain to you. Using the setting of a classic 1950’s drag race, Pinks makes contestants race in a best of 3 out of 5 format with the loser handing over the title […]

Delray Beach, Florida. Motorcyclists Prevail.

This is the story of a beautiful small South Florida city called Delray Beach, only 5 miles away from where I live and work (Boca-Raton). During the last 10 years, the downtown was renovated and became a very trendy place full of cool shops and terrace restaurants. Ten years ago, a biker bar (still there […]

Racing Motorcycles Is Dangerous. Really?

Picture of the day: in Barcelona Spain, during the opening lap of the moto GP race , Dani Pedrosa (Spain) anf John Hopkins (USA), bottom center, try to avoid Marco Melandri (Italy) bottom left, as Loris Capirossi (Italy) top left, and Sete Giberbau (Spain) are crashing.   

Bobbers Versus Choppers By Sugar Bear

“Sugar Bear” opened his shop in Los Angeles in 1971.  His intent at that time, as now, was to produce street rideable Choppers and products, not show creations.  Because it was evident that a quality Springer was needed to reflect his customers’ desires for the long look, “Sugar Bear” started to build Springer front ends […]

Errant By Guilty Customs

When I asked Carl Hanlon from Guilty Customs to tell me about his latest bike called “Errant”, he sent me the presentation below. I let you enjoy his biker poetry “Definition: Straying from accepted standards"; Wayward, Sinful, Naughty, Delinquent, Badly Behaved. Guilty Customs built this low-strung classic chopper to place you where the scenery becomes […]

The Harley-Davidson Reader

The concept is original. This book publishes the old and recent writings on Harley-Davidson and its unique mystique. Writers are professionals and personalities that are part of the legend, from Hunter S. Thompson to Sonny Barger. They are the tales of the company birth, the rise of the biker outlaw legend, and the modern-day revival […]

Custom Motorcycle Builders Made Television Cool. Not The Opposite.

I read a beautiful and very intelligent editorial written by Chris Callen from Cycle Source Magazine. Like him I am irritated by those who attribute the slow down of our industry to the disappearance of TV shows glorifying our work. Ok, OCC is still on our screens, but the majority of those watching their show […]

Retro Side Mount Taillight

Not only you need a strong taillight to show that you are braking, but maybe you also need to say it.  “Stop” is engraved all over the glass of this taillight inspired by the Model A Ford. It features a stainless steel housing, a chrome frame with a powdercoated backing plate (I don’t know why?). […]

Help. Peter Fonda Needs Money

When Peter Fonda needs money, he brings some memorabilia to the auction block. For example, his American Flag Patch from His "Easy Rider" Jacket or his gold Rolex worn in the same movie. A surprise mega-hit during its 1969 theatrical run, Easy Rider is one of those rare movies that changed the way motion pictures […]

Got Jims Engine. Will Race.

Jims USA has just released a line of race engines beginning with the 131ci Twin Cam race engine. The 131ci fits into all stock and after market frames and is featuring a 4- 1⁄2 stroke with a bore diameter of 4-5⁄16in. The CNC-ported heads were developed specifically to flow maximum air and the oil pump […]

An Arlen Ness Trailer? Almost.

SilverTrek Trailers announces the introduction of a limited edition Arlen Ness signature trailer. Ok, Arlen is a pioneer widely known all over the motorcycle universe. And of course SilverTrek wants to position itself in the same echelon of precision craftsmanship. Some of the most recognizable attributes to the Arlen Ness edition trailers are the smooth […]

The New One From Westbury Hot Rods

                Ok, you want to know more about the new one of Greg Westbury. Me too. But he still didn’t send me the tech sheet. He must have crashed his computer. But why wait to show you this bobber best profile. Consider it a preview. Westbury Hot Rods 

Harley-Davidson 3Q Profit Falls 15.3 Pct

Domestic buyers are seeing oil prices rising and the home market crumbling, so they’re being cautious about spending, even when it comes to the iconic brand’s bikes. A continued sluggish U.S. market for motorcycles pushed Harley-Davidson Inc.’s third-quarter profit down 15.3 percent, and the motorcycle maker said it expects next year to be difficult, too. […]

Own A Steve Mc Queen Or Clark Gable Motorcycle

            To get a chance to get one of those,or both, you will have to participate to the "Bonhams And Butterfields" auction running November 10th at the Peterson Museum in conjunction with the Love Ride And California Bike Week. The Steve Mc Queen Kawasaki was hand painted by one of […]

The Next Great American Motorcycle Builder Is….

A new TV show about custom motorcycles? Yes, but this one will only feature amateur motorcycle builders. The Next Great American Builder is a new “take no prisoners” television program from the creator of MTV’s Fast, Inc. They are looking for amateur builders interested in coming to the show to compete for a cash prize. […]

J&P Cycles Daytona Store grand Opening

              The success story of John Parham (and of hs lovely wife Jill) is one that one day I will tell you in this Blog. In a continued sluggish motorcycle market it is very uplifting to see J&P Cycles continue to expand and remain, by far, the world’s largest catalog retailer […]

40th Anniversary Corbin Party

No better way to start a rally than by going to a big party with your friends of the custom motorcycle scene.  Mike Corbin has always offered the motorcycle industry some of the best parties you can imagine. And you can translate by very good food (even my favorite sushis), champagne, margaritas and of course gorgeous women. And it […]

Biketoberfest 2007. Stopping By Disney Harley.

It is Biketoberfest downtown. It’s Destination Harley in Ormond Beach. The place, where, in addition of visiting again & again the largest Harley-Davidson dealer in the world (make me think of a department store), you can also meet with the major vendors and builders of the industry. Of course, I don’t go to buy. I […]

Breaking News. California Dealers can Sell and Install Aftermarket Parts on New Bikes

Just received from DealerNews this very important info for Califormians… California dealerships will be able to sell and install approved aftermarket parts on new motorcycles at the time of purchase, before the bikes are delivered to customers, starting Jan. 1. The new law signed in early October by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger changes existing anti-tampering rules ordering that […]

15th Annual Rat’s Hole Biketoberest Show Is October 20

What’s new, what’s cool, what’s weird will be once again on display during the 15th annual Biketoberfest Rat’s Hole Show this Saturday October 20. If you are a show participant you already know that you are going to line up starting at 7 AM. If you are a spectator, arrive soon (I recommend at 10.30 AM) because […]

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