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Sturgis Hamsters Ride-In Bike Show

On August 9th, members of the 29-year old Hamsters organization will ride, escorted by police, from Spearfish to Champion Park in Sturgis. There, the Hamsters invite you to participate to their 150 plus bikes 4th annual ride-in bike show. Champions Park in Sturgis is one of the rally’s main venues with the AMD World Championship and exhibitions by […]

Joke Of The Week. Flat Belly.

A little boy walks into his parents’ room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down. The mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes to find him. The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and […]

Mini Round Mirrors

You should have some mirrors on your bike. Right? Here some mini round ones featuring a bezel with 3 tiny spikes. Glass is enclosed behind the bezel with no risk of falling off because of vibrations. The minimalist look works well on Choppers and Bobbers. You can use mini stems or for a more radical look use a […]

Speculations About Harley-Davidson 2008 Lineup

Real estate is down, the stock market is still doing pretty good but American consumers are spending less on cars, motorcycles & ATV’s. We all know that Harley-Davidson sales have slowed down and because the 2008 product lineup is going to be announced in July struggling dealers are trying to clean out the 2007 inventory. […]

Two Of Our Ladies Honored

During the 15th annual Mid-Atlantic Women’s Motorcycle rally held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Mayor William Troxell presented a Key to The City Of Gettysburg to Jennifer Levan and Sara Liberte. Jennifer Levan is co-owner of Battelfield Harley Davidson in Gettysburg, PA and Sara Liberte is co-owner of RT’s North Hills Cycle Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA.  The two […]

Cyril Huze Blog On Your Apple iPhone.

Even if you are not an Apple fan boy (Personally I work on both Mac & PC), you already know that at 6 PM tomorrow  June 29 there will be much chaos front of all AT&T and Apple stores to get the new Apple wonder called iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is the most anticipated phone since Alexander Graham […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Dark Urban Custom Bikes From Japan

One of my readers called Ryan Harrigan got the good idea to point my browser to 2 excellent Japanese custom builders called Brat Style & Hot-Dock. As Ryan states, the bikes are completely counter to the billet-craze we have known in America. Travel to these 2 Japanese websites to see a lot of wonderful dark urban custom bikes. 

Meet Your Preferred Builders At The Sturgis Breakfast

The second Annual Sturgis Breakfast to benefit the "Make A Wish Foundation Of South Dakota" will be held August 7th at 9 AM at the legendary Broken Spoke Saloon on Lazelle Street. New sponsors this year will include Paul Yaffe Originals providing the food, Heel Guard for the drinks and Baker Drivetrain donating a build […]

Insane. Ducati Superbike 1098 S

With a possible merger with Harley-Davidson floating in the air, Ducati is in the news. Maybe it’s time you discover more about the company producing the most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle in the world. The best way? Live out your MotoGP dreams on this absolutely insane ride. The “Tricolore” model (because it’s painted red, white & green, […]

Dry Primary. Or Wet Primary. Or Baker.

In a fraction of a second you can recognize a dry primary (open belt system) from a wet primary (enclosed system). But now it will take you a few seconds more to identify this new Baker primary as a wet one because it looks exactly like an open belt system. And you see the point […]

Blings Cycles

If you really belong to the custom scene you know that Bill Dodge was during 8 years the shop foreman at Jesse James WCC. At the end of 2005, Bill moved from California to New-Jersey to open Blings Cycles. His style? His own. Not the $100,000 trophy bikes he used to build in his former professional […]

Show Your Coils

            Most custom bikes go toward a minimalist approach where hiding as much as we can is the rule of the game. Not an easy task. Even magician Houdini had his own limitations. When you run out of hiding places, the best other option is to show the accessory you […]

GG Daily Custom Ride

Gerard (a.k.a.GG) is a familiar face in the industry. One that you can see only during big US events because his headquarters are in France where through his company called MAG he distributes our US parts to the countries of the European Community. So, GG knows everybody and every custom V-Twin part sold in this […]

True Dual Dark Exhaust For FL’s

Stock Harley FL-series bikes use an exhaust system with a scavenge pipe connecting the front and rear exhaust. Doesn’t look too good, creates extra heat and slightly lowers performance. Samson Motorcycle Products offers a full line of true dual systems to correct this problem. In addition, you have the option to dress your pipes in […]

Sexiest Tee-Shirt Of The Year

Like me you love women and want to celebrate their beauty. Two naked women locked in a romantic embrace should do it. And guess what? Some women (you guessed which ones) love also to wear this high quality graphic tee-shirt. Now, I don’t recommend that you wear this one when you visit your mother, but […]

Custom Chrome Bike Kits Under DMV Investigation

This is the story of Dain Gingerelli, editor of Iron Works Magazine. Gingerelli built for himself a bike from bike kit parts bought from Custom Chrome Inc. In April, he locked up a sure sale of his motorcycle but California DMV blocked the sale by refusing to issue a title. DMV has refused to give […]

Rick fairless Extends His Dallas Biker Empire

Riding through Texas or just living in the Dallas/Fort worth area, Strokers Dallas has always been a favorite destination for bikers because it’s not only a custom motorcycles shop, but also a bar/restaurant called Ice-House with free live music from Friday night to Sunday all day. You know, bikes, beer & babes. But owner and […]

Biker Industry Mourns The Loss Of A Friend

Sandra (Sandy) Leone, 55, special events organizer & coordinator for Myrtle Beach Spring & Fall rallies was killed Sunday in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Her stepfather shot her, her mother and his wife before committing suicide. Sandy was a familiar & smiling face for all vendors & custom builders participating to the Myrtle Beach events. Hired […]

The Japanese Tattoo

If you didn’t already know I am a fan of photography and of Japanese design. A passion started when, in another life in the advertising industry, me and my fellow admen were studying Japanese commercials for their beauty, simplicity and commercial efficiency. “The Japanese Tattoo” is not a new release, but still a masterpiece of rare […]

Heavy Facelift At Primedia Group

I received from John Cobb, Senior Vice President Group Publisher of Primedia, the following press release regarding major changes with the Group motorcycle magazines. "Dear Industry Partner. In February this year we launched Hot Bike Baggers to address the popularity of this market segment. The news has been extremely positive both on the advertising front as well as […]

New Very Cool Velocity Stacks

              It’s nice to discover a company producing cool custom parts and which is not yet very well known by my peers in the industry. These 2 interesting velocity stacks (among a full line too wide to show it here with pictures) were designed by Kevin Renaldi from a company called […]

Protect Young Children On Motorcycles

I am sure you don’t think too much about this one. At what age a child should be able to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle and what mandatory equipment should he be equipped with? Why is it that a 6-year-old is allowed to ride on a motorcycle, but the same 6-year-old is legally […]

Graffiti Chocolate Bars

When I built the “Graffiti Bobber”, I had to do some research on the best New-York artists. I found out that many went from exhibiting their talent on brick walls, subway stations, trains, etc to Soho art galleries where they make quite a bit of money. Yes, a graffiti painting looks good, especially in a […]

JayBrake Retro Covers

            I bet with you that we are going to see a return to the enclosed primary system.Why? Because the open belt system is over used in all the new customs, and because of the uncertainties with the EPA new rules many will prefer now to customize a Harley. Most of these "stock bike" […]

Father’s Day Twice A Year

              Father’s Day is a day of commemoration and celebration of Dad. It is a day to not only honor your father, but all men who have acted as a father figure in your life whether as stepfathers, uncles, and grandfathers or big brother fathers. Contrary to popular misconception, […]

American Iron Magazine Goes Cyber

From what I hear from them it seems that all motorcycle magazines here and abroad want to increase their online presence. And it’s a logical marketing approach in a fast pace world where we need up to the minute news and where medias and readers want more interaction for the benefit of both. I strongly […]

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