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Most Stolen Motorcycle Brands

While all motorcycles are vulnerable to theft, the 1st report on stolen bikes made by LoJack indicates that the most popular theft targets are the newer sport bikes. Four of the top five stolen/recovered bikes are sport bikes and 87 percent were either 2005 or 2006 models. Top five stolen motorcycle makes: 1. Suzuki 2. […]

Legend Of Bob Perry Told By David Uhl

You are looking at the new painting of internationally acclaimed artist David Uhl. Because David paints motorcycle stories, I am sure you will enjoy reading what he wrote to me about The Legend Of Bob Perry. "The task of depicting an Excelsior involved deviating from my usual subject of early Harley-Davidson motorcycles. After reviewing much of the […]

Swedish Custom Handlebar Controls System Kit

          From Sweden, the country of the very long winters and chopper bikes I bring you this new amazing  and gorgeous stainless steel handlebar/control system kit conceived by Martin xxxxx (you would never be able to pronounce correctly his last name) from a small company called ICM. Yes, there is in […]

Metric Bikes Build-Off on ESPN2

If  “Metricity” is your thing, tomorrow morning Saturday March 31 at 11 AM (EST), ESP2 will air the Metric Revolution’s Motorcycle Build Off. The show features 22 of the nation’s top metric and custom builders in a head-to-head competition with $500,000 in prizes at stake. 22 contestants were selected to compete in three categories – […]

New American Superbike.

To launch a new model is never easy task. Especially in such an unpredictable V-Twin market. So, I have to applaud when I see an individual like Walter Roerich trying to bring something new and different to our industry. Roehr Motorcycles introduces the V-Roehr 1130 Superbike, a new generation of American motorcycles. Powered by the Harley-Davidson* Revolution* […]

Harley’s CEO Compensated $4.25Million

James Ziemer, CEO of Harley-Davidson Inc. received compensation last year that the company valued at $4.25 million. It included a salary of $824,551, $989,461 in compensation under a non equity incentive plan and $75,697 in other compensation, including a non-qualified deferred compensation plan matching contribution of $25,824. He also received stock and option awards with […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Vintage American Motorcycle Photos

If you are like me, you will never design a motorcycle without immersing yourself in the “atmosphere” of the style of bike you are thinking of. It is especially true if you intend to build, rebuild or restore a vintage bike. Journalist Charlie Lecach from Freeway Magazine pointed out to me an excellent website called Vintage […]

Slow Down At Harley-Davidson

According to industry contacts there are indications of weak sales for Harley-Davidson in January & February. Harley sales may be down 20% in January and 12% in February. The worrisome part is that it can’t be due to the recent strike because during these 2 months dealers had adequate bikes inventory. Since other manufacturers might have lost […]

More About The New S&S X-Wedge Engine

While governmental EPA and CARB compliance were high on the S&S list when conceiving their new engine, another major issue was to resolve problems associated with large-displacement V-Twins. Although the V-Twin industry is synonymous with the 45-degree V configuration, engine builders have always contended that the main limiting factor of performance is the construction of […]

Sinister Velocity Stacks

Handcrafted from polished stainless steel these 6 velocity stacks will not only reinforce the sinister, apocalyptic look of your sled, but using a special mounting bracket you will be able to personalize even more by rotating yours 360-degree. Each stack contains an internal screen to prevent debris from going in your engine.  You can bolt […]

Brittown Documentary Preview

Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman, directors of the award-winning documentary Choppertown just finished the photography of Brittown featuring Meatball from the “Hell On Wheels” bike shop in California. This new documentary goes like that. Meatball splits his time between working on vintage British bikes, doing dirt track racing, playing with his rock band “Smiling […]

Motorcycle Mania With Russell Mitchell & John Mellencamp

              While you were enjoying Daytona Bike Week, Exile Cycles crew was extremely busy working on Main Street in the middle of Automatic Slims Bar, building in 5 days a bike for singer John Mellencamp. All the build process was filmed by the Discovery Channel to be featured in […]

LA Calendar Is July 14-15 With New Activities

The 16th annual Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend, held annually every 3rd weekend in July at the Queen Mary Event Park in Long Beach/Los Angeles, returns this year on July 14-15th, 2007. The event is presented by Performance Machine and produced by Jim Gianatsis. They are excited to announce even more great activities that […]

Flush Mounted Taillight Lenses. Secret Revealed.

Mike Learn is a well known airbrush artist whose work has been featured on some of the most acclaimed custom motorcycles. But Mike is also a master at creating fancy flush mounted taillight lenses. The best, of course, is when the lens is “invisible” and seems to belong to the rear fender paint job. I […]

F.B.I. As Fat Baggers Inc.

You already know. Baggers are big again. And Baggers owners like it fat with a rear wheel up to 300 mm. Yes, it’s possible. Gary Chipp, founder of Fat Baggers Inc, and his family have been in the motorcycle industry since 1973 and a franchise Harley Davidson dealer since 1984. Fat Baggers Inc evolved from […]

Sportster Nightster Original Sketch

I love motorcycle and part sketches, these quick outlines used to capture the basic elements and structure of an idea to be produced or manufactured. I keep mine (unfortunately, a few disappeared) and love to look at those drawn by others. You are looking at the original sketch made by Rich Cristoph, a 27 year […]

The Deep Idea Of DeepFinish

Polishing, shining, waxing and detailing. Everybody is claiming to be the best. You tried (almost) all products available from a very saturated “appearance product market” and now you believe no one. Well, wait 1 minute. If you, like me, have been disappointed it’s probably because too many products pretend to be the all in one […]

From My Spy In Russia. Custom BMW Chopper.

                About 5 years ago, I got my 1st motorcycle parts orders coming from Russia. I was quite surprised. I even sold to a Moscow dealer all the parts necessary to build 2 bikes to be assembled in Russia and looking like 2 of my customs. Then, Russian magazines […]

Have You Heard Of Dubai Bike Week?

Daytona Bike Week was ending when I met old friend Chris a.k.a. Sheriff (Sheriff Media Group). To my knowledge he is the only Swedish reporter covering the main motorcycle rallies in the US.  I asked him where he was going next. He said:”Dubai”. “Dubai to do what?” I answered. “To cover Dubai Bike Week”. Well, […]

Death Of The Chopper?

Tom Zimberoff, the celebrated author of Art Of The Chopper 1 & 2, forwarded to me an excellent article written by David Edwards in Cycle World Magazine. It’s about the penalty levied by CARB (California Air Resources Board) on Jesse James pursuant to the 98-05 sales of 50 West Coast Choppers motorcycles not in compliance […]

New Demonizer Open Belt Cover

Although the retro/nostalgia trend is in full swing for custom bikes and parts, some continue to favor the high tech/barbaric/aggressive stance. So, Jason Tauer machined a new cover called the Demonizer. Not only it will fit his own branded belt systems but can also be used on other brands. In some cases, you will need […]

Luxury Chopper Chair. No Helmet Required.

Chopper culture is invading our homes. It’s not the 1st time I see home decoration inspired by our lifestyle, but when CJ Hanlon of Guilty Customs sent me this picture of this chopper chair, I realize one more time how much our art is influencing our society. But first a warning: this chair is going […]

OCC Bike Unveiling. Las Vegas Style.

Orange County Choppers, the custom motorcycle shop made popular by the hit series "American Chopper," will unveil their newest bike, the “Go Fast Chopper” this Monday, March 19th on top of the 51st floor at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las  Vegas, Nevada. The new chopper will be flown in by Silver State Helicopters and […]

Daytona Rat’s Hole Show Winners

You requested it. So, here it is. The list of the top 3 winners in the main classes of the 35th Daytona Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show. To receive all results of all classes (too long to list here), email to [email protected] Over 1000 cc Custom: 1st place: Danny Apla. 2nd place: Michael Lorum. 3rd place: James Newman. Over […]

Daytona Harley Ride-In-Show Winners

On Wednesday, March 7, custom Harleys filled the streets outside the Daytona Ocean Center for the annual Ride-In Show. Owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles from around the world entered into this contest to prove their bike is the best in class. The Ride-In show winners are: Antique: Don Hart, Napanee, Ontario, Canada, 1936 EL. VRSC: Allen […]

Custom Baggers Are Hot. So, Read Hot Bike Baggers.

The wide choice of motorcycle media (print or digital like this Blog) available to you says a lot about our V-Twin industry, its health, its size and also its trends. The same way, the magazine(s) that you read says a lot about your particular taste in motorcycles. In good marketing strategy, each magazine tries to […]

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