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New Rat’s Hole Cheese Hauler: 3 Wheels. 2 Engines. 1 Trike

You are looking at the concept drawing of the new Twin Engine Rat’s Hole Trike scheduled to be unveiled this coming week during Daytona Bike Week. Ted Smith, owner/manager of the worldwide famous Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show commissioned Mike Beland from A1 Cycles to build this new “Cheese Hauler”. Mike is the man who […]

Advanstar Responds to Alleged Intellectual Property Rights Violations

On February 18th, I reported here that on the floor of the Dealer Expo 07, US Marshals were serving papers to companies exhibiting counterfeit motorcycle parts. Dave Scott, from Advanstar and Show Manager/Publisher of Big Twin West/Big Twin Dealer sent me the following info. Santa Ana, CA-February 28, 2007- News of alleged counterfeiters at the […]

Harley Production Down 14000 Units. Is It Good?

Harley-Davidson announced that it will manufacture 14,000 fewer motorcycles in 2007, the consequence of the 3 weeks strike at the plant in York, PA.  A lot has been written about the reason of the strike, the consequences for vendors, workers and shareholders. If I write this post it is because today at lunch some friends […]

Daytona Commemorative By David Uhl

Last month I wrote a post about the art of David Uhl. In this article that you can read again by clicking HERE I stated that I was a collector of his paintings (in the limit of my financial means) because of his talent at expressing motorcycle nostalgia with a very creative use of lights and shadows. […]

Revolutionary 360 Brake

                Good bye big rotors. Good bye brake calipers. Here the brand new 360 Brake, a completely contained brake system in a 5-inch hub spacer around the axle. It looks like no brake at all. How does it work? The circular piston and pads are activated by hydraulic […]

Do You Need A Rally Map? Yes, Of Course.

Say the truth. In any rally around the country you and your friends lose a lot of time asking for directions to find the “hot spots” for custom builders, vendors, races, concerts, bars, restaurants, etc. And you always end up getting lost. If you want to get the most of a motorcycles event, you need […]

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Pickard Heavy Metal Series Wheels

It is amazing and uplifting to see all the time new companies joining our custom motorcycle scene. I discovered Pickard Wheels in Cincinnati during the V-Twin expo. Had no time to talk to them because they were video shooting a segment for Speed Channel. But I took a close look at their wheels, especially their […]

Skintite Pro-Builders Fenders

How did you do these fenders? With some imagination and working from blanks to be able to cut our own wild ideas into metal. A company called B’COOL  Products manufactures cut or uncut fenders for all popular large tire applications up to and including the 330 mm Avon as well the new 280/40-20 and also […]

Daytona Bike Week. Do Something Meaningful & Powerful

The 1st Daytona Builders Breakfast will be held March 7th at 9 AM at Destination Harley (US 1 and I95 in Ormond Beach). For $25 you will have breakfast with the most amazing Custom Builders in the world. In addition to have a great autograph/photo opportunity with your favorite Builder, your $25 will contribute to […]

Official Harley-Davidson Bike Show Is March 7th

A lot of motorcycle shops and garage builders will participate to the upcoming 66th Daytona Bike Week with only one objective in mind: to win as many trophies & plaques during the 3 main Bike Shows: Rat’s Hole, Boardwalk & Harley-Davidson Ride-In Show. This last one is the only Bike Show organized by the factory […]

Skull Toaster For Bikers And Others.

Since many of you have a weakness for skulls & bones, here the right way to start your day.  Look attentively at the picture. The slice of bread out of this toaster has skull and crossbones grilled on it.  I am sure that skulled toasts are going to be the start of very interesting conversations. […]

Vintage Davida Helmets Are Back.

If I say Liverpool England (and you are a baby boomer) you automatically think Beatles. But it is also where Davida Helmets are produced. And no helmet brand has ever captured more the spirit of motorcycling, tradition, freedom & adventure than Davida. With old classic and vintage motorcycles being the new rage Davida Helmets are […]

150 Plus HP V-Twin Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Dewey’s Customs aluminum grips & foot pegs are a classic in the industry. But it’s not what this post is all about. Mr. Dewey wants you to put some spice in your life by using his 4” high salt & pepper shakers. It’s a very hot engine with one jug for pepper and the other […]

Exclusive. Billy Lane New Parts For Baggers.

                                                                             More or less, each of us is stereotyped in a certain style of bikes. But the truth is that most of us like motorcycles of different brands, ages and styles. But only if they are well designed. You could be surprised to learn here in my Blog that Billy Lane spent these last […]

Have Breakfast With The Best Builders And Sara Liberte.

For those who still don’t know a Builders Breakfast will be held during Daytona Bike Week on March 7th at 9AM at Destination Harley (US1 & I95). It is the opportunity for the public to have breakfast with a selection of the best builders in the world, the money being raised will benefit Boggy Creek, a […]

New Sportster Nightster 1200 N. Macho. Macho. Macho.

I already wrote that the 2007 Harley-Davidson models are probably the best in many years, not only mechanically, but also aesthetically. The new Nightster Sportster 1200 N presented in Orlando last month confirms that the factory can improve performance and at the same time integrate quite a few design ideas and trends observed during these last […]

New Avalon Springer Front End.

  In a few years MeanStreet has established itself as a dominant player in the very competitive after-market front ends business. Each year they come up with a few new models immediately adopted by the best custom builders in the world. Here the most recent example. A sleek Springer front end called Avalon sculpted from […]

Contrast Cut Gasser Design Wheels

It’s now 36 years that Performance Machine produces high quality wheels and components. But the best part is that they come up every year with a couple of designs that I like very much. Here an example: the classic lines of these Gasser Wheels that you can get in polish or chrome, but that I […]

Dave Perewitz is Going To Clean My Bikes. And Yours.

Only a month after announcing a co-development agreement for cleaners and polishers with custom bike builder Dave Perewitz, Boston SoapWorks launched yesterday in Indianapolis at the Dealer Expo a complete line of products under the Perewitz signature. The Perewitz Precision Cycle Care product line includes five products: Ruby Red spray and wipe cleaner (before or right […]

Motorcycle Jobs Online

I receive at the shop and through email, a lot of unsolicited resumes, but very rarely the ones of the right candidates for the job.  Motorcycle Jobs Online is a new website listing all kind of jobs available in the motorcycle industry and a place where dealers recruiting employees can place help wanted ads. Don’t […]

US Marshals Visit Indianapolis Dealer Expo 2007.

Yesterday at the Dealer Expo 2007 in Indianapolis U.S. Marshals served papers on about half a dozen exhibitors who allegedly manufactured unauthorized copies of patent-protected products. Manufacturers who claimed the exhibitors had violated intellectual property laws filed the lawsuits. Additional lawsuits may be served today. Advanstar sends letters to companies accused of copying products, notifying them […]

Tom Zimberoff Talks About His Fascination For Choppers.

Who is the man behind these custom machines is what every custom motorcycles fan wants to know. Journalists, reporters and writers do a good job at revealing who the well known custom builders are. One of the best ever is Tom Zimberoff, the celebrated author of the 2 reference hard-cover books (maybe 3 very soon) […]

New Designer Rocker Boxes

Engine is and will always be the main visual component of any bike. I always love to customize my engines, making fin modifications, powder coating and changing the rocker boxes. During the V-Twin Expo I met with Nick Genender from NYC Choppers who showed me his new after-market rocker boxes. And I told him that […]

Preview New Tattoo Book

One more! You gonna say. Yes, but this one is a little bit different. It’s loaded with indispensable practical information for anyone considering getting a tattoo, Ben DeWalt’s The Tattoo Book, All What You Need To Know And More, includes a gallery of tattoos in a variety of styles, Celtic, tribal, Asian, symbolic, religious, and […]

Help Betsy Climb Mt Everest With Discovery Channel Team.

Genevieve Schmitt, Editor of Women Riders Now, asked if I could help fellow biker & columnist Betsy Huelskamp to fulfill her dream to summit Mount Everest the highest mountain on earth (29028 feet) located on the border on Nepal & Tibet. Betsy has been accepted as the newest member of Discovery Channel’s 2007 spring Everest […]

Close Up On Alligator Bob Seat

I never worked with Alligator Bob, one of the masters of upholstery work for custom bikes. The reason is that I am very faithful to my vendors and never change if I am satisfied by their work. So, it means that I know a lot of good people that I never used but that I […]

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