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Easy To Keep New Year Resolutions

Year after year you make the same resolutions. And of course, you never keep them. Here are some resolutions that you can actually accomplish very easily. 10- When you have to take an urgent decision, procrastinate. Urgent decisions may not be as urgent as you think now. To know for sure, just wait a little […]

Is A Removable Tattoo A True Tattoo?

Research seems to show that there are more people wanting a tattoo and who don’t get one than the actual tattooed population. We know the reason. A tattoo is supposed to be a life commitment, and tattoo wishers are afraid to make one. All over the world, just as the number of people sporting tattoos […]

Bruce Rossmeyer Brings Support To Elvis Presley Family

Almost 30 years after his death, Elvis Presley is still one of the top grossing dead celebrities over the past year (FYI late Kurt Cobain from band Nirvana is # 1 money maker). But because of the aging of Presley’s longtime base, Paul Jankowski, chief of marketing for Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. wants to reach […]

Harley-Davidson And Ford: Marriage Made In Hog Heaven

Not all famous couples are in jeopardy. Harley-Davidson and Ford are still going strong and their union will be extended to at least 2009 (I believe in vows renewed by periods of 2 years). Since 2000, date of the union, 50,000 Harley-Davidson editions of the F-150 have been sold. Each year model has been different, […]

S&S Next Generation V-Twin: X-Wedge

S&S president Brett Smith states that the new X-Wedge engine is the most important in the company history, other than his grandfather’s original racing endeavors that got S&S started. Evidently, this new engine is the answer to the new tightened EPA requirements, and shows what S&S research & development team is capable of doing in […]

Tricky Adjustable Air Suspension Springer Front End

I have to acknowledge that I never been a big fan of air adjustable rear suspension. First because I very rarely build bikes for 2. Second because I am not too crazy about showing a compressor and extra air hoses on my bikes. Third because at the time Legends introduced its rear system, there was […]

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What Did You Get For Christmas?

Hope you are all having good holidays and that Santa brought to you all the gifts you asked for. As you can see on this picture he is drunk and resting in a UPS warehouse. Me, I didn’t ask anything, so I got much more that what I wanted. I got a Video IPod with […]

Full Throttle Florida Bike Builder Invitational and Motorcycle Expo.

One of the first big shows of 2007 is the Motorcycle Expo in Clearwater, near Tampa, weekend of January 27/28. The 15 to 20,000 spectators expected this year will be treated to much more than the usual rally activities, vendors of parts, accessories, dealers, demo rides, live entertainment, bike show etc. During the event, the […]

Discovery Channel Makes Turbo Move

Discovery Communications will move its popular motorcycle series American Chopper from the Discovery Channel to its sister network TLC, and launch “Turbo,” a programming block, a broadband channel and a video-on-demand (VOD) package to complement the show. American Chopper has earned the Discovery Channel a healthy 2.1 million viewers with new episodes this year, but network executives have […]

But Who Is Don Ed. Hardy?

I just came back from the mall and I can’t believe it. In 2 1/2 hours of Christmas shopping I must have crossed 100 people (young and old, male & female) wearing some clothing or accessories featuring the Ed Hardy signature. I visited the 3 department stores Bloomingdales, Saks & Nordsdrom. All filled with clothing […]

Brass Engine Head Bolt Covers

We all know that the addition & accumulation of small trick details make the difference between a good custom bike and an exceptional one. With the retro trend, brass, a combination of copper & zinc (from 5 to 45%), made a big return as a choice material for components installed on vintage looking motorcycles. Brass […]

Roland Sands KRV5 Tracker

Board Track motorcycles from the 1st decades of the 20th century are the new inspiration of some custom builders. Some build reproductions as faithful as possible. Others like Roland Sand, from RSD, are not afraid to install a mind-boggling 200 + horsepower engine in a newly designed board-tracker body. And you have to know how […]

Miami Ink Motorola Razr

Motorola’s Razr V3 mobile phone is everywhere, even in my pocket. 25 millions of the iconic clamshell wireless phone have been sold since its launch! First in black, then in silver & pink. How do you sell more? Just add a new hip and urban look. And for this, just ask tattoo artist Ami James […]

Doc’s Choppers Tonight On TLC

Why would I run again a press release about a company that I already mentioned 3 days ago? Simply because I messed up with the date at which you can see its leader on TV in the famous TLC show “Miami Ink”. Ok, it’s this evening Thursday 21st at 9 & 12 PM EST. The guy builds […]

Renegade Wheels

I received quite a few emails about the black wheels installed on the custom Fat Boy called “Silverado” that I just built for a client in England. These very simple looking 5-spoke wheels are black anodized and come from Renegade Wheels (Monterey model) . Of course you can get them polished or chrome, and like me, […]

Doc’s Choppers. Almost Like Ours.

Chopper motorcycles have little brothers called chopper bicycles. And the little brothers are a lot of fun for both for adults and teenagers. They sit in the shops and private garages of the most famous motorcycle builders and you can even see some of us riding them during bike events (I love to see the […]

Italian Design

I love Italy. For many reasons I may explain to you some day. One of them is that Italians have always produced some of the most innovative designs in the world: for fashion, architecture, automobile and decoration. Let’s not forget the motorcycle industry and the design of custom accessories. The leader is called Livio Rebuffini […]

Egg Poaching Toaster For Bikers

In the category it has nothing to do with custom motorcycles, but maybe it has to do with bikers who need some help in the morning to cook a perfect breakfast, the Egg Poaching toaster may be the perfect gift for you or for him. This countertop device makes a complete breakfast sandwich in just […]

Knuckle Bars From Todd’s Cycle

I always loved ape hangers and often had to fight the skepticism of my clients. A lot of people continue to think that they are uncomfortable and that at high speed they create a bike wobble. It’s quite untrue. I used with success mid and high ape angers on my customs but had always to […]

Rat’s Hole Bike Show Boss Hoss Build-Off

Difficult to believe that Daytona Bike Week is only 11 weeks away (March 2/11).  Hundreds of pro and garage builders, here and abroad, have already started fabricating their new custom sleds hoping to get one of the 1st place trophies awarded during the mother of all bike shows, the Rat’s Hole Bike Show (Saturday March […]

Mike Tomas Of Kiwi Indian Meets With Twisted Sister, The Iron Men Of Rock & Roll.

This post is an email sent to me by Mike Tomas, the Indian Motorcycles guru. I publish it as received: "Cyril, Some very true words spoken here. We are all so lucky in this business to be able to share our passion with others and for others to enjoy our creations. Yesterday we had Twisted […]

Willie G. Davidson To Speak At 19th Annual Hall Of Fame Museum Fundraiser In Daytona Beach

No. In this picture Willie G.Davidson is not handcuffed. I think he tries to explain what is the optimal degree for a V-Twin engine. Anyway, Harley-Davidson styling guru and Motorcycle Hall of Fame member William G. Davidson will share his vision of Harley-Davidson’s iconic design heritage at the 19th Annual Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum Fundraising Breakfast. This breakfast […]

Indian Larry: Chopper Shaman

I knew Indian Larry, but not so well that I could reveal here some facts that you could have never known, heard or read before. I am not the kind of person to rush to read a book about somebody who just left us, even if it’s a fellow bike builder. Since his death, I […]

The Bravest. My Absolute Custom Vintage Bike.

I officially launched this Blog October 5th, my birthday (I believe in symbols when giving birth to new projects). At this date, I wrote 142 posts, blogging anywhere, anytime I can. Only 3 posts were related to me, my bikes or my parts. And it’s fine this way. But I warn you. This is the 4th […]

Model Year For Harley-Davidson

 I remember the time when riding a 80 cubic inch Evolution Harley-Davidson on the South Florida I 95, I always feared not being able to have enough engine power to escape caged old ladies confusing right & left turn signals. I also remember that during Sturgis Bike Week, I always got frustrated of not being […]

Aluminum Horseshoe Oil Tank From Hank Young

Hank Young was a well known hot rodder at the time he appeared on the motorcycle scene with a famous bike called the "Flying Pan" that all custom builders remember well.  His strong hot rod influence can be seen not only in his bikes but also in all his new motorcycle parts.  Here a perfect […]

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